On the liberal-conservative alliance

The left is terrified every time the debate about the possibility of classifying Nazism as a leftist movement resurfaces. It gives the impression that there is a dangerous family secret there, carefully kept. Any mention that Nazism is on the left, and the left immediately (along with the mainstream it dominates without them knowing it) comes running with its fire extinguishers, trying to put out that idea.

However, their fire extinguishers are running dry and thought control no longer works.

Free from their rightthink, we can easily see that Nazism had fundamental traits that suggest classifying it on the left of the political spectrum. Nazism was anti-capitalist, anti-religious, collectivist, opposed to individual freedom, and promoted censorship and thought control by propaganda and brainwashing; it was contrary to traditional structures of society. All of this characterizes it as a leftist movement.

So Nazism was anti-liberal and anti-conservative, as the left is also anti-liberal and anti-conservative. The right, on the other hand, was in some cases anti-liberal (during the 19th century in Europe, for example), in other cases anti-conservative (or at least non-conservative, indifferent to conservative values, as in the case of recent neoliberalism), but it was never anti-liberal and anti-conservative at the same time. In this sense, Nazism is much more comfortable in the field on the left than the field on the right.

Schematically, we can say that Nazism constituted a left-conservative union, where revolutionary ideology used for its purposes one of the important elements of the conservative field, nationalism. We must not forget that the final result of the world conflict triggered by Nazism was excellent for the left: a world largely dominated by communism and a complete split between the liberal right and the conservative right, with the latter humiliated and demonized. Nazism, both in its rise and in its overthrow, practically shattered the liberal powers of Western Europe and their empires, paving the way for totalitarianism commanded by the USSR (one-time ally of Nazi Germany) and its worldwide expansion, which put it in check and almost defeated the only remaining non-communist power, the United States. It is impossible to know if everything was planned, possibly not, but the impulse and general form of this enormous movement – Nazism as the spearhead of the communist revolutionary movement – seems quite apparent, as Hayek pointed out1.  

Communism could only be defeated when a powerful liberal-conservative union appeared in the figure of Ronald Reagan. This combination, however, was ephemeral and, shortly after the end of the USSR, it began to give way to the left-liberal union, globalism, where revolutionary ideology, through cultural Marxism, hijacked economic globalization and began to pilot it.

Breaking the left-liberal union and replacing it with a new liberal-conservative union is perhaps the great task of our time, at least the task of freedom lovers and defenders of human dignity and depth.

But is it really possible for a right that is both liberal and conservative?  Friends, our Canadian spirit is the same as that in the movements that have emerged in Hungary, Poland and the US, a liberal-conservative amalgam, but so far we have failed to succeed as a political force.  It is our defense of personal freedoms and desire for an open economy, combined with the values ​​of patriotism, spirituality and family, that defines this movement.

The Canadian and world left panics in the face of this amalgam and that is why it attacks it so viscerally, as it recognizes it as its great adversary: ​​as long as it fights just one, either against liberalism or only against conservatism, the left will always have an advantage, and therefore that is what it wants and tries to do. The liberal-conservative league wields firm steel, however, and is quite capable of facing the left despite their dominion over the media and the academy.  And perhaps the strength of our league stems from the fact that it corresponds to the essence of Man, who wants both security and freedom, pride and prosperity, adventure and peace, joy and transcendence.

This liberal-conservative right is not “extreme”. It is extreme only in the sense that it opposes the left throughout the entire spectrum of political thought, ranging from the defense of the virtues of the market economy and entrepreneurship to the defense of life from conception, and a spiritualized view of the Man.

In Canada today, all that the left wants is to strangle, still in the cradle, the liberal-conservative alliance. The left instigates division and dreams of seeing the liberals destroy the conservatives, in the name of governance or moderation, so that it can then defeat the liberals with the usual ease2. This dream on the left is our nightmare. We cannot allow the nightmare to re-emerge in Canada, after having fought so many wars (both cold and hot) to suppress it.

  1. “It is more than probable that the real meaning of the German revolution is that the long dreaded expansion of communism into the heart of Europe has taken place but is not recognized because the fundamental similarity of methods and ideas is hidden by the difference in phraseology and the privileged groups.”   From the 1933 essay Nazi-Socialism first published in The Road to Serfdom (1944). ISBN 978-0-226-32055-7
  2. Note how quickly and easily the left has seduced our own Prime Minister and the current iteration of the Liberal Party.

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