It’s trafficking time again.

Open borders, marxism, and anarchy on the high seas.

The protestant church’s Sea Watch 4 commanded by Carola Rackete and Banksy’s Louise Michel piloted by Pia Klemp sail around Italian waters under the German flag and stage “emergencies” in order to force the admission of illegal immigrants. The Italians don’t want that anymore. Now boat boss Pia Klemp is openly expressing her real motives – and is back with one foot in prison.

In an interview with the Soros in-house rag “The Guardian”, Pia Klemp, who is being investigated in Italy for smuggling, stated frankly: “I don’t see sea rescue as a humanitarian action, but as part of an anti-fascist fight.”  Klemps rationale for using the 27 knot fast former customs boat paid for by the anti-Israeli “stencil artist” Banksy, is to be able to “escape the Libyan coast guard” before they can enforce the applicable law – an agreement the Libyans signed with Italy and the EU in 2017 to return migrants found off the coast back to Africa.

The ten crew members of the Banksy-ship, named after a revolutionary anarchist of the 19th century, “identify all as anti-racist and anti-fascist activists who stand for radical political change,” said the Guardian, and where “only female crew members are allowed to speak in the name of the Louise Michel.”

This proves that these German-financed smugglers are only concerned with smuggling as many migrants into the West as possible – for political reasons. They are not interested in rescuing people from distress at sea, as they have previously led us to believe, because then they would bring the captured migrants to the next safe haven – there are plenty of them in North Africa – instead of smuggling them to Europe.  Klemp proves with her statements that it is a political project and that these left-wing radicals want to fundamentally change the population structure of our world with illegal mass immigration.  It is refreshing that Ms. Klemp has now articulated this so freely.

These No Borders radicals trample national laws, while the NGOs hide the Marxist nature of their crusade, which aims at “radical political change”, behind the mask of a benefactor.  At least Klemp has the intellectual honesty to admit what she is really about: that the desperate people who set sail from Libya every day are not in danger, but a tool in an ideological struggle against those who want to defend the borders of our countries – and if necessary, they have no compunction to trample on the laws of Western nations.  They are third world pirates who undermine the foundations of the western world, fight against any moderation in politics, and want to rewrite the law to suit their totalitarian goals.

On June 18, 2017 Pia Klemp was charged in Italy with smuggling after the Italian authorities  were able to document how their ship at the time, the “Iuventa” of the Berlin NGO “Jugend Rettet”, worked with illegal smugglers.  On November 6, 2017, Pia Klemp, while on the Sea Watch 3, also interfered in a sea rescue by the Libyan coast guard resulting in the deaths of five people, including two young children.

A video of the 2017 incident published by Sea-Watch clearly shows that the Libyan coast guard was already on site and had picked up the predominantly Nigerian migrants when the Sea-Watch 3 arrived and encouraged the migrants to jump in the water and risk their lives to get to her vessel. The spokesman for the Libyan coast guard, Ayoub Qassim, also blamed the German NGO for the migrants’ deaths and called the NGO “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” (and coming from a Libyan military officer, that is saying something).

On August 27, 2020 the reconnaissance plane Moonbird, paid for by German Protestant church taxes, alerted the Louise Michel to an unseaworthy rubber boat with 89 illegal migrants, including 14 women and one dead on board. Instead of taking the migrants to the next safe haven in Africa, the Louise Michel wanted to force the authorities of Malta or Italy to take in the illegals.  Malta refused.

On August 28 the Moonbird spotted another 130 migrants.  The people-traffickers on the Louise Michel contacted the Soros-financed NGO Alarm Phone, which acts as a middleman to prevent these traffickers from making direct contact with their German NGO masters.

The Louise Michel is a 30-meter-long former yacht of the French Customs, which sails under the German flag and is not suitable for rescuing so many people at sea.  With a stated capacity of 120, 33 of the now 219 migrants should have had to remain in the dinghy.

On Saturday, August 29, the Italian coast guard brought 49 of the 219 illegal migrants from the Louise Michel to Lampedusa, where angry residents at the port protested against the flooding of their island with illegals by German NGOs: “Enough!” shouted the demonstrators at the port, “We are peaceful people, we just don’t want any more migrants! Please send them back!”   There are currently 1200 illegals located in the reception center in Lampedusa, which is built for less than 200.

Then the Louise Michel transferred the remaining 150 migrants on board the Sea Watch 4, which between August 22nd and 24th already carried 202 people. The Sea Watch 4 is paid for from German church taxes and “Doctors Without Borders”, and commanded by the German Carola Rackete.

The left-wing mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando, has now agreed to take the 353 migrants on board the Sea Watch 4. Former Deputy Prime Minister and current Lega boss Matteo Salvini announced that he would sue the Italian government for aiding and abetting the smuggling.

The fact that Carola Rackete of all people captains the ship is a provocation in itself, given her literal run-in with Italian authorities as she tried to run a blockade off the shores of Lampedusa in 2019. But that is precisely how it is these days, when the current Italian government has long since placed law and order in the hands of the EU.

Ms Rackete was arrested for that incident, but was soon released.  In January 2020, a lawsuit by Salvini against Rackete for the incident was finally rejected, so Rackete sued Salvini for “defamation” because he used Facebook to point out Rackete was a “criminal captain”, “accomplice of human traffickers”, “responsible for attempted murder” and a “rich and spoiled German communist”.

Since the end of the Salvini government, illegal landings in Italy have almost quadrupled. According to the UNHCR figures a total of 19,021 migrants had arrived in Italy by August 30, 2020.  In 2019 there were 5079 in the same period. In August 2020 alone, 5007 illegal migrants arrived in Italy (August 2019: 1212). 79 percent of them were men, 15 percent “children” and only six percent women.

The largest groups in the period up to July 31, 2020 came from Tunisia (5655 or 40.4 percent), followed by Bangladesh (2186 or 15.6 percent). Few of them came from countries where there is war or persecution, such as Sudan (3.5 percent), Somalia (two percent), Mali (1.9 percent), Iraq (one percent), Eritrea (one percent), Syria (0, 5 percent) or Libya (0.3 percent).

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