Scandal at Sandia

In the past, the “white man” was only mentioned in Frontier films full of Indians.  In the USA today he is the subject of manipulation by governments and corporations alike. White men in particular are said to be to blame for racism. But this grows the same weed that is supposed to be killed.

One cannot point out often enough the language and culture-destroying power that lies in and behind the new moral fashions.  Essentially, it is about lazy thinking that does what it wants with the terms it uses. However, this arbitrariness is to be taken literally, because the users need the flexibility of imprecision and vagueness to express their totalitarian goals.

Take with the word “entitled”, for example, which actually means as much as “justified”, but today is mainly used with a connotation of “presumptuous, arrogant” (“to feel entitled”). The word has become a disparaging swear word and is often applied to those individuals who were previously trusted to lead a tribe, a family or a people.  Exactly what is meant is a type that has become rare today: white, male, heterosexual, with a preference for fast cars and grilled meat (nowadays sometimes also for electric wheels and veggie burgers, but that might be a different species). And what should be wrong with that? The New Orthodoxy answer: So much is wrong with it and on so many levels.

Good and bad entitlement

“Entitled” is also the title of a recently published book by the Cornell “philosopher” Kate Manne, who has subscribed to a social theory beyond all “privilege” (another word).  In her book she says that feelings of “entitlement” are probably at the root of misogyny.  Well, let’s assume that. But exactly the same feelings, it goes on, are also suitable for ending the bad treatment of women.  Kate Manne tries to give her young daughter the feeling that she is worth something, that she “deserves” something in the moral sense – that is, many good things and experiences.  And as naive as this thought may be, the “pursuit of happiness”, which is in the US Constitution, naturally applies to everyone.  Manne grants her daughter justification for happiness, a privilege that was far less common in history (and today as well) than many believe.  Manne’s daughter is – figuratively speaking – nothing more than a white, heterosexual man in the making.

Incidentally, the old French “deservir” (from the Latin “deservio”), from which the English “deserve” is derived, actually meant “serve well” and only later “earn something”; there is the idea of ​​performance and consideration in both. Only dwellers in late-stage civilizations think that their children deserve something in themselves.  So note: Privilege and “entitlement” are only bad if they are assigned to men within the framework of a presumed traditional social order, but they should be considered good if they are adopted by women, small children or other allegedly persecuted and oppressed people.

Modification of a Species: Is the Age of Misandry Coming?

Let’s get back to the white man. He is entitled and initiated to all sorts of things and enjoys his privileges. For example, he gets more space than others, as any online gender-marm will tell you.  He is not expected to make room when someone of the opposite sex comes towards him because “social norms allow you to take up more physical space.”

Was it not common for men to hold the door for “people of the opposite sex” (people who menstruate, in now-common parlance) and carry them over puddles.  But maybe that’s not so popular anymore.  Further supposed advantages for the stronger sex: you can get drugs for ADHD more easily (No. 65) and can dye your hair without anyone thinking that you are doing this just to pick up chicks (No. 27). On vacation you can let your beard sprout (No. 11) and – whether in life or in fiction – you are not “stalked” by annoying admirers (No. 42 and 81).  And this list of male privileges withheld from women continues with over 150 tiresome points.

The main interest of feminist wokeness disciples is less about expanding their own sphere of action in this world than on changing the opposite species, “white, heterosexual men.”  The transformation of the white man, in families, schools, universities and offices, into something completely new is in full swing. The new feminism is actually anti-masculinism, and so perhaps we are at the beginning of an age of misandry. The “privilege” of straight, white men are supposed to be razed, and when that happens, then there will obviously be justice in the realm of white women, LGBTQWTFBBQ, and non-white men and women, also called BAME (British for “black, Asian and minority ethnic”), or in Canada BIPOC (“black, indiginous, people of colour”).

It is astonishing how such hodgepodge abbreviations are now suitable as adjectives and attributes for everyone, even if that no longer pleases everyone so addressed.  If you add up all of these (more or less) minorities, you arrive at an overwhelming, perhaps even two-thirds majority – who knows and who still wants to know, because mathematics will probably soon be disposed of as a white-male web of lies – as well as geography and serious literary studies as we once knew them.

MAGA hat, mass killing, dances badly: a résumé of “white maleness”

But as we are at risk of getting lost in these labyrinthine corridors, the powers that be in the Sandia National Laboratories, a federal nuclear research laboratory, recently decided that white male employees must undergo compulsory training.  As the journalist Christopher F. Rufo reports, all white male employees had to visit a three-day reeducation camp in 2019 in order to thoroughly deconstruct the whole complex of topics around “white privilege” and “white male culture.”  Officially, the pleasure was called “White Men’s Caucus on Eliminating Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia in Organizations.”  In one picture you can see 14 men without heads – they are put in blackface for security reasons – with their plaid or polo shirts, so of course it is not at all surprising that the “white male culture” should dominate here.

Means such as joint brainstorming were also used in this caucus, in which a given term is supposedly freely associated. You may be familiar with this from your own post-structuralist religious instruction. The caucus participants recorded their associations with the fatal term “white men” on a large white area. 

The expressions “MAGA hat”, “KKK”, “Aryan nation”, and “Mass killings” are outlined in red. That is a mindset of its own, in which the deed of a madman should be representative of half of the white population of America. There are also expressions such as “privileged” and “cannot dance”, because of course privileged people dance worse than non-privileged people. Or is it (hush!) a genetic defect? 

In addition to these rather critical comments on one’s own white masculinity, there are positive associations such as “successful”, “patriotic”, “inventive”, “work ethic” and some sports, as well as (for now) ambivalent terms such as “founding fathers” and the “Marlboro Man.” The BLM protests this summer, when rows and rows of statues of the founding fathers of the USA were torn down, showed how quickly terms can change their meaning.

Hard at work on white male privilege

The organizers of the caucus state that a persistent tendency towards individualism combined with a focus on “hard work, action and task completion” and a good dose of success will have a disastrous effect on people of colour, gays and lesbians, non-Christians, women and others who should have more.  This white male success, which in the end is also expressed in rankings and hierarchies, excludes all non-white-male groups by definition. The quoted text characterizes these groups with the words “on the receiving end” – they are the victim groups par excellence, to whom all those beautiful things (acting, striving, creating something) do not seem to be given. And then there are the “subtle effects” of those privileges and hierarchies that are said to be particularly bad for these groups. “Subtle” here probably means incomprehensible, intangible, not quantifiable or, quite frankly, non-existent. It is a weasel word, par excellence, of woke disciples.

But, oh dear, white men are also affected by the bad side effects of strict work ethics and rugged individualism. They are less curious and more isolated from others than everyone else and have to do without support networks to a large extent. They also get heart attacks more easily, and are much more likely to commit suicide. 

What you always wanted to know about race but were afraid to ask

The most beautiful of the definitions of “white privilege” are the sentences from a list: “I don’t have to think about or worry about whether I got a job or a promotion because of my race. I still have to worry that my friends and co-workers might think so.”  This shows how the Hydra generates new heads. The privilege of non-whites in the allocation of positions and promotions leads to the fact that these non-whites are now (rightly) suspected and also believe themselves, that they got their jobs and promotions not because of their talent but because of their skin colour.

But the over-employment of minorities due to race theory and wokeness as a positive life benefit also has side effects; for example the generation of electricity suffers, as Rufo notes in another tweet. Because even a federal agency that operates 56 hydro powerplants has surrendered to “racial and social justice”, which is supposed to come about by breaking down unconscious prejudices and the like, by implicitly teaching that “radical politics has become more important than power generation.”

The holdings at the library of Marxist University

Rufo has now found that the FBI also offers weekly intersectionality workshops. Intersectionality is another buzzword that was coined around 1990 by the coloured lawyer Kimberlé Crenshaw and that swims in the wave of somewhat older identity politics. There is even a song, by the way, called Intersectionality, which is appropriately placed on the album Our Pathetic Age by the American DJ Shadow.  Apparently this “pathetic” age is to be met with dance and computer generated beats.

It is not worth analyzing all of this down to the last detail, but these concepts mean a reduction of the human being to external characteristics such as skin colour, gender and sexuality, which then supposedly create a special mixture of privilege and discrimination in each of us. And as nicely as this fits into the form of a box, it naturally does not do justice to the reality of people, not to mention the potential for freedom that it strangles.  Ultimately, it is a collectivist way of thinking that superficially classifies people into different groups and movements in order to make them more receptive to certain ideologies.

Rufo says: “The FBI has tremendous power and if it is corrupted by critical race theory, it could be turned against political enemies-and undermine our republic.”  In a Fox News interview with Tucker Carlson, Rufio called on Donald Trump to take personal action against the abuse of power in federal agencies, and a few days later Trump responded with a letter banning such training sessions.

Resistance has its price: the divisive ideology of anti-racism

But there is already resistance.  Casey Petersen, an electrical engineer at Sandia, has published a video in which he relentlessly exposes the “outrageous lies” and nonsensicalness of “critical race theory,”  the theory of systemic racism and white privilege.  He had previously pointed out the shortcomings of their re-education program to the laboratory management himself, but they informed him that no dialogue was desired, that he should keep his opinions to himself and get back to work.  Apparently, he is not yet sufficiently aware of his unconscious prejudices and should continue his education. The video is now on YouTube with more than 100,000 views. Below the video are comments in which some people regret not having gone against the fashion trends in the same way when they started in their company.

Petersen sums up his findings on the critical race theory as follows (from minute 1:30): “This is a completely un-American concept, because at its base it’s the idea that you are guilty until proven innocent or that you are a racist until you are absolved of your racism by a person of colour.”  Petersen himself does not believe that systemic racism is a major problem in the US today; the data simply does not show it.  Consequently, he considers public communication on this subject – whether in the media or in “educational events” – to be controversial and grossly exaggerated.  Above all, one should keep companies and jobs free from this ideology.  He does not claim that there is no racism in the US, but it is most likely to stay in the area between historical racism and the class differences that emerged from it.

In the books that he studied on the subject, Petersen found a mixture of anti-Americanism, anti-police attitudes, propagation of critical race theory, a tendency to reject Republican presidents (from Trump to Reagan to the Bushes) and a high regard for the two term Obama. The main argument against systemic racism in the everyday life of the police remains the unequal distribution of crime between blacks and other population groups. They are more criminal and therefore come into contact with the police more often.

According to Petersen, the thinking of the critical race theorists only generates “fear, feelings of guilt, victimization and anger.”  It is a divisive ideology.  Training in the new racial theory can, among other things, lead to a reduction in sympathy with poor whites, especially among social liberals.  A study cited by Petersen found that the training courses did not improve attitudes towards blacks – but attitudes towards whites deteriorated to an apparently significant degree (from minute 1:00:00 of the video). Another study suggests that “celebrating” ethnic differences can paradoxically even lead to entrenching racial stereotypes.Petersen was given a leave of absence within hours, and his email, from which he had sent his video to all employees, disappeared from the company’s server.  But even if he were to be fired because of his dissenting opinion that would not be the end, but at best the beginning of the rebellion in the state-funded Sandia Labs.  He himself continues it on Youtube and Twitter. Republican Senator Josh Hawley (Missouri) has called for an official inspection by an inspector general, which Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette has since initiated. They want to find out why taxpayers’ money is being spent on “critical re-education seminars” and “racially segregated PC indoctrination.”

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