Greek Fire

According to media reports, the residents of the camp started a fire themselves and then prevented the fire brigade from extinguishing the fire.

The Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos has experienced a “major fire event”, meaning it has burned to the ground. Basically what happened is what NGOs and left-wing politicians in Europe have long been calling for – an end to the deplorable conditions in the camp: cramped, unsanitary conditions, diseases, violence, and murder.

Perhaps the camp’s residents were aware of this, this European longing for them. Perhaps they were told that when the camp no longer exists, it would be the best place for the refugees to be to get to the promised land. Was the fire a coordinated action? On Monday, left-wing NGOs placed 13,000 chairs in front of the German Parliament (Reichstag), representing the 13,000 residents of the camp, and demanded that these Moria “refugees” be admitted to the country.

Arson is the most probable cause of fire; several fires broke out at different locations in the camp at the same time. This at a time when parts of the Greek fire department were busy with nearby forest fires. The emergency services who were able to get to Moria were nevertheless hindered:

According to reports, migrants set the fire themselves and then prevented the fire brigade from extinguishing it. Emergency responders confirmed that some of the camp residents had put up “resistance”.  

The fire will certainly fuel Marxists in Europe and abroad to take advantage of the favorable opportunity and bring as many refugees as possible to the European mainland. Be sure that they will not accommodate a single one in their own guest rooms, instead they will demand that the taxpayer should now show “solidarity”, and not complain when they are put up in 4 star hotels. It is worth remembering that bringing half of Nigeria to Canada does not help Nigeria, it only creates Nigeria in Canada.

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