Marxists prevent publication of newspapers in the UK

“Activists” from Extinction Rebellion (XR), the radical branch of School Strike for Climate, the protests started by the mentally defective child Greta Thunberg, have demonstrated in Great Britain against a new pollution – the free press. Access to printing plants for newspapers was blocked by the group.  The reason?

The newspapers had failed “in the careful reporting of the climate and environmental emergency,” explained XR. On social media, activists accused the newspapers of misreporting; coverage in many of the newspapers printed in the UK have polluted the national debate on climate change, immigration policy and dozens of other topics, it said, implicitly admitting their petit bourgeois “struggle” is political, not environmental.

Concerned about the environment?

Claiming that their reporting “fails” and “taints” the debate, the group has blockaded, in particular, titles from the News Corp group of the right-wing conservative newspapers owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch, such as The Sun and The TimesThe Telegraph, although not directly targeted, was also affected by the blockades on Saturday.

In response, The Telegraph switched off their paywall and thus provided their readership with news online. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his cabinet are currently considering if and how to classify these opinion fascists as a criminal organization.

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