Concession to Marxist Ideology Leads to Cultural and National Ruin

The main cause of the unending social disorder and confusion in Western countries lies in allowing the Marxist ideological and cultural poisoning, and failing to remain vigilant against them.  An inch of concession should not be allowed in the cultural work of a country; any concession brings the destiny of the country and the nation to ruin at last.  Nations aspiring to independence, progress and prosperity should always remain vigilant against the poisoning of Marxist ideologies.

Poisoning of culture is the method of Marxists today and in the past.  Military force is used for a physical invasion, but much more insidious, and in the end much more successful, is convincing the population that the enemy is their friend.  This is achieved through “mostly peaceful” means.

Today, the Marxists are getting more frantic to disintegrate the independent nations and people, ideologically and spiritually, and bring down governments.  Those who aspire after independent development and social stability should clearly understand the true nature and danger of the poisoning done by cultural Marxists, and not get caught up in it, but thoroughly reject it.

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