Leftist anarchists are about to tear America down

US Democrats accept the collapse of the country.

It’s like scenes from a civil war. In more and more cities, left-wing extremists, anarchists and “Black Lives Matter” criminals are terrorizing citizens. They destroy shops, restaurants, cafes, threaten peaceful passers-by, and use violence.

The scenes also show how absurd and brutal things are now. Normal white citizens are yelled at in the street just for going about their normal lives instead of demonstrating for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Again and again the anarchists shout: “We will tear down the system that whites have built”.

A refrain and slogan that the angry people call out on all streets and squares is:

“No justice, no peace. Take it to the streets. And fuck the police. “

It is particularly bad how helpless elderly citizens are humiliated by the violent criminals and chaos on the street.

The Democrats and the left-wing US mainstream media have long since joined the arguments of the Black Lives Matter movement and pretend that today’s US is a racist dystopia that needs to be torn down.

If the blacks and Hispanics in the US were really doing so badly today, why would so many Africans and Latin Americans want to immigrate there?

The real difference in the US is the money factor, not the skin colour. Those who are rich have a good life, regardless of whether they are black or white. And those who are poor have problems, regardless of whether they are black or white.

But many left-wing demonstrators are neither coloured nor poor, rather they are often white youths who are ideologically blinded and indoctrinated. Many even come from wealthy households. As with the Fridays for Future movement, many BLM activists come from wealthy parents. It is wealthy children playing revolution.

They are ideologically indoctrinated by the corrupt education system and the mass media. And now they are reaping what the cultural Marxists had long sown.

However, the Democrats are celebrating this movement. They accept that the country will fall apart. The main thing is that it harms Trump and helps the Democrats in re-election.

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