Canada is changing even faster than we expected

The UN Migration Pact uses deliberate ambiguity while acts of violence in Toronto committed by foreigners increases.

By Arnold. Due to our current immigration policy, Canada is changing much faster than anybody could have predicted 20 years ago. Immigration has skyrocketed to 350,000 per year, and Trudeau is ensuring this trend continues. Every three years a city the size of Ottawa, Calgary, or Winnipeg needs to be built over our forests in order to provide homes for foreigners. The birthrate of native Canadians continues to stabilize, as does  the relation between education and number of births, in the sense of The more children, the lower their education.

The thesis that immigration has historically always been good is historically absurd. In well over 95 percent of all cases of migration, migratory movements were harmful to the native or indigenous population. Immigration has mostly only benefited immigrants. Immigration was always extremely bloody, was associated with death and ruin, with rape, with the downfall of entire peoples, tribes, and civilizations. The UN migration pact, which Canada has signed, therefore contains completely false claims. The text of the migration pact is a paper written by diplomats in an unbearable language, which ultimately constitutes a fake history in a format that corresponds to the Twitter messages of the current American president and turns the truth on its head.

The lack of willingness to integrate today’s migrants from North Africa and Arab and Muslim societies leads to crime. Unfortunately, in Toronto, for example, 45 percent of all acts of violence are committed by foreigners if we include those who have dual citizenship.

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2 thoughts on “Canada is changing even faster than we expected

  1. Sad as liberals set us up for slaughter. The conservatives are looking just as bad. NDP has a terrorist Sihk that will do anything for attention.
    Once the millennials get reduced to slaves we will start. Take no prisoners and that includes politicians and elite playing the depopulation game.


  2. Are crimes committed by only North Africans and Arab Muslims???? NO!!!!! It is mostly negroes!!! They are 2% of the population but commit 80% of the crimes!!!!


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