Large raids by Police in Portland against Antifa

The Portland Police arrested more than 50 members of Antifa in several large raids in Portland over the September long weekend. The pictures of the arrested have now been published by the police.

For months, left-wing extremists, BLM activists, and Antifa have ravaged the city of Portland in the US state of Oregon with their orgies of violence. Cars and houses were set on fire, shops – especially those of Asian retailers – were systematically looted. The left-wing extremists fought street fights with the local police, and Portland looked like the battlefield of a civil war.

Last weekend, the federal police sent to Oregon by US President Trump went on the offensive. In several large raids against the rioters and criminals, the federal police arrested more than 50 people, who are now facing charges of membership in a domestic terrorist organization. In addition, the federal police published the pictures of the arrested.

The massive police operation followed another outbreak of violence by the left-wing extremists that Saturday, when stones and incendiary devices were again thrown at the police; fireworks were also shot at them. There were riots on Sunday when left-wing extremists erected road blockades and started numerous fires.

A Twitter user has compiled an extensive list of the “activists” recently arrested in Portland, including an employee of a member of the US Democrats in the House of Representatives. The pictures were created by the police (recognizable by the sheriff symbol at the bottom right of the picture) and released for publication.

Among those arrested are some particularly noticeable people, such as Deidra Rose Watts, a member of the self-proclaimed Antifa press, who is also called David Villalpando Perez. Or Demetrus Gene Batchelor, a fugitive who was wanted by arrest warrant and who had sought (and found) shelter in the Portland anti-fascist scene. Daniel C. Marion is also one of those arrested. He had started a fundraising campaign for Michael Reinoehl, the murderer of a Trump supporter. Reinoehl had tried to evade his arrest by federal police officers by shooting wildly. The police shot Reinoehl.

And note that one of the demands of the left-wing extremists is to reduce the financial resources of the police, but that while they are rioting in Portland, an additional expenditure of police overtime of around seven million dollars has been racked up.

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