The Twilight of Socialism

Advocates of socialism slander capitalist society and more often than not preach the “eternity” and “finality” of socialism.  But it is only festering and declining like a spent fire.  The socialist society is as much a utopia for mankind as it is a dark society without a future.  With its serious contradictions, socialism is doomed to ruin.

Outwardly, the developed socialist countries seem flourishing but they are in decay due to the daily worsening contradictions.  Political life is sterile and material life is deformed.  The corrupt nature of socialism and the cultural Marxists who spread it finds its vivid manifestation in the life of its people.  No genuine political or personal freedom and rights can be found in this society where champagne socialists rule everything, and the toiling workers are left out, useful only as “taxpayers.”

A handful of the privileged class holds control of the majority of social assets, and these are being snowballed every day.  On the other hand, the workers are exposed to constant worries about job losses, medical care, housing, food, and their children’s education.  

The moral degeneration of socialist man is the clearest expression of socialism, now at its evening twilight.  The pauperization in spiritual and cultural life have spiraled beyond control in leftist societies.  In such societies, despite their propaganda, it is impossible to stay clear of the imbalance between material life and spiritual and cultural life, and the imbalance between the increasing demand of the people for independence and worsening political life.

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