Patriarchy is to blame for corona pandemic, says UN Secretary General

The top official of the United Nations has his own view of the cause of the corona pandemic: “Centuries of Patriarchy”.

After the view defended by Turkish President Erdogan that homosexuality was partly responsible for the corona outbreak, the next crazy theory is now coming – this time from the top of the UN.

In a speech to women in civil society organizations, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said: “The pandemic only demonstrates what we all know: centuries of patriarchy have created a male-dominated world and culture that harms everyone – women, men, girls, boys . “

In Canada, many women work on the “front line” – as nurses and carers. Women and girls also find themselves in a more dangerous place during the lockdown according to the UN: at home with violent husbands and fathers!

Corona: New round in the gender battle?

Fortunately, there is now a chance to finally do better. Guterres calls for more women to be in positions of power! Women in leadership positions are “extremely effective,” he said.

But what Guterres forgets: Most of the victims of the coronavirus are men.

This speech is more insidious than all this, however.  Never letting a good (Corona) crisis go to waste, the UN has taken the opportunity to link everything together.  From the short speech, Guterres manages to outline the problem caused by the virus (growing “gender inequality”), and how to solve this problem (“Our roadmap is the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”), and what will be needed (“economic reset to ensure the rights to life, dignity, and security for everyone”).

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