Facebook censors Trump advertising, Biden quote may not be used

Minister of Finance embarrasses Canada; Conservative leader Erin O’Tool accuses the Government of interfering.

By Arnold. Biden said he wanted to raise taxes. This quote was picked up in a Trump campaign, but so-called fact checkers claim that this was taken out of context and so Facebook deleted it.

The Democrats keep pointing out which government and social programs they want to enforce for US citizens. But they keep silent about where all the money will come from. Sometimes they tell the truth bluntly, like presidential candidate Joe Biden when he talked about raising taxes. Sure, where else should the money come from?

Trump supporters have now used this quote for an election campaign video. Message: Look, Biden wants to raise taxes. Nothing new actually. But self-proclaimed fact checkers from the “PolitiFact” group believe that this quote is out of context. Because of this, Facebook censored this campaign ad.

In a rare move, reporter-turned-Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland implied her support for Donald Trump: “Of course Biden is going to raise taxes! Where else is (sic) all these trillions coming from?” A spokesman later clarified that she thought raising taxes to fund unnecessary social programs “to combat white supremacy” was “a good thing.” Nevertheless newly elected Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole jumped on reporter-turned-Minister Freeland accusing her of interfering in the American election, not realizing that nobody cares what reporter turned Minister Chrystia Freeland thinks. The Canadian right wing got involved too. “This is what is what happens when the wrong type of people having too much wealth: instead of investing it wisely for the future, they become decadent,” said Douglas Penner of the right-leaning Canadian Political Institute.

Facebook censoring posts was just fine,

The US magazine “The Daily Wire” points out that even the fact checkers consider the quote to be correct. Nevertheless, Facebook has censored and blocked the campaign ad with the quote. This shows again how hastily Facebook censors are when it comes to pro-Trump postings. The big Silicon Valley corporations are already showing their sympathy for the Democrats and their antipathy for Trump.

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