14 woke “scientific” papers that were actually submitted

1. Why do people become trans? It is seriously assumed here that those affected lived a previous life as the opposite sex.

2. Ecosexuality: just roll around in the dirt and have orgasms. However, it also raises the question of whether the filth consents to it.

3. Castles are racist.

4. The author has “studied” hundreds of pornographic films with black performers and in doing so has established an alleged tendency towards the anal. It is, she says, a subtle and oppressive form of racism. The anus of black women is consciously made a symbol for the ghetto and their sexuality is branded as something dirty.

5. Fat Fetish Webcam Sex = Fighting Fatshaming

6. Articles from the Journal of Feminist Family Therapy about the coming-out process and how to decolonize it because … well … the colonialism and all.

7. Neoliberal patriarchs oppress women in STEM subjects (STEMM) because it is not gender that decides, but performance.

8. That escalated quickly: When the title of “White Power Milk” and “Diet Racism” are mentioned.

9. Dogs are nothing more than a tool used by White Supremacists to suppress the people-of-color community.

10. Science in the 21st Century: How the Dangerous Whiteness of Starbuck’s Pumpkin Latte threatens left emotions.

11. Leftist book chapter seriously claims that sports coverage leads to the use of deadly weapons against blacks. The mental acrobatics behind it: white commentators purposely celebrate the performance of black athletes to make them appear supernatural in the eyes of the public. And so when a policeman sees a black pickpocket, he doesn’t know what else to do but shoot him.

12. Queer Studies feminist wants to tear down conventional programming languages ​​in order to replace them with completely useless, but ideological pure nonsense. Then computers may no longer work, but nobody feels discriminated against either.

13 “Queer Game Studies” treatise on how movements in computer games can be queer and straight.

14. And again, from another author: The dark, racist side of milk.

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