“Anti-racism”: the battle cry of the globalist profit hunters

Ideological music accompanying the drama of decline

By Egmont | In 2020, no intelligent, enlightened person with white skin can claim to be better than someone with brown, black or so-called “yellow” skin colour just because of this colour. Anyone who does that anyway is either simply stupid; in exceptional cases also criminally stupid.  Actions speak louder than skin colour.

However, no one with white skin color has to be discriminated against and pilloried just because ancestors with this skin color were involved in creating the Western world to the benefit of all mankind. That this could happen was not due to the color of their skin, but to their military, technical and intellectual superiority.

That is why the entire “anti-racism” campaign in Western countries is based on incorrect historical assessments, which are, however, very consciously used for the purposes of the ideological and profitable interests of the globalist international. For the “anti-racist” ideologues, this is part of their fight for a totalitarian regime of alleged social equalization, which will and must always end with the development of a nomenclature of dictatorial and privileged equals. In Canada and other countries, “anti-racism” is also the ideological accompaniment of big-city populations in decline.

Just walk away

What makes “anti-racism” really dangerous is the greed of large economic corporations for maximum profits that can only be achieved worldwide in favor of a tiny layer of the super-rich and their corrupted political and media service providers. In the now fully flared election campaign in the US, the arsonists of “Antifa” and “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) as well as the left-wing liberal democrats are fed with millions by super-rich individuals and corporations in order to overthrow the nationally oriented, anti-globalist President Donald Trump. It is the same circles that have not the slightest scruple about looking for the cheapest labor on all continents for the production of their internationally distributed, highly profitable products.

The actual directors of this “anti-racism” that destroys the people and culture are not the black-hooded “anti-fascist” violent criminals and the martial BLM troops. Rather, it is those who have maximum material advantages from “anti-racist” globalism and who also enjoy political and media power.

Because that is the case, the fight against the “anti-racist” blackmail and exploitation of whites must be directed primarily against those who, with precisely this skin color, play their own destructive and ultimately self-destructive game as cynically as they are greedy.

It is important to understand: Nothing about “anti-racism”, that is to say about the poorly hidden new racism against the dwindling minority of whites, is good!

More at DrowsySphinx.

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