First cracks in the lies of the Canadian media

It will be a fight for Joe Biden on Tuesday

By Andrew |  Not only has the Canadian media spread a deceptive, ideologically motivated manipulated picture of the Canadian nation, but they have also misrepresented the political conditions in the USA. Anyone who still believes them gets the impression that the presidential election in November was actually already over and the only question left is whether Donald Trump will vacate his chair in the White House after he has been voted out by the people, or only after a legal or military fight.

But now they are trying to prepare the Canadian public for an event on Tuesday that may require explanation and cloud the anticipation of the supposedly imminent change of power.

Sleepy Joe is a demented puppet. Everyone will know that on Tuesday.

That is when a television duel between 74-year-old Donald Trump and his 77-year-old challenger takes place. With the description of an election campaign appearance by Joe Biden, the CBC subtly indicates what kind of drama we are about to see:

“Biden’s right index finger snaps up, he says: ‘The coronavirus has been more than a hundred years this year, since the outbreak … well, that’s what … the lives of … Think about it! More life this year than in the last hundred years. ‘ Biden raises his hands up during his stammering, there is panic on his face … “

Joe Biden is demented. He cannot really be president. Trump, on the other hand, is very fit and aggressive. He has no reason to be considerate of Sleepy Joe on Tuesday. He mustn’t do that either: there is simply too much at stake for that.

Trump will tear Biden to pieces

Not once has Biden’s dementia been openly discussed in the Canadian political media; it was about the Republican primaries and not the showdown with Donald Trump. It was about preventing Bernie Sanders, who would have made it worse for the US Democrats.  Most of all it was about a Canadian media establishment that is simply not up to the job.

Derek Jones of the Canadian Institute of Political Research:

“The efforts of the Democratic establishment to roll out a visibly overwhelmed Biden to face the daily ordeal of the election campaign borders on abuse. Instead of a worthy departure, a well-deserved retirement in the nursing home, the loyal party soldier experiences the ultimate public humiliation after many decades of service for the Democrats by being burned in the election campaign against Sanders. The strategists at the headquarters of the Democratic Party really only seemed to be interested in preventing Bernie Sanders – all other considerations seemed to be irrelevant. “

The question arises like an abyss: Why are the US Democrats sending a candidate into the race who can only wave and read from the teleprompter, but hardly speak three connected sentences, let alone lead the US?

The answer is quite easy:  They want a puppet that they can do what they want with. Biden is just that: his party’s puppet. Someone who won’t contradict the Deep State and won’t develop any ideas of his own.  So the exact opposite of Donald Trump.

If so, why is Biden ahead of Trump in all major polls? The answer is as simple as it is harrowing: the polls are simply manipulated. Just like in 2016. 

Trump will beat Biden in a duel on Tuesday. Trump will win the election. The Canadian media makers will present the whole thing as a result of adverse circumstances. And the good Canadian will continue to be influenced by them while he picks his way between sports and soap operas.

More at DrowsySphinx.

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