Joe Biden says he started his political career “180 years ago.”

Another viral video that casts doubt on the mental state of US presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Biden would have to become a senator in 1840 and be 220 years old himself

According to reports, Biden’s press staff have tried repeatedly over the past few weeks to hide the Trump challenger from the public as much as possible. However, when the US broadcaster C-SPAN broadcast live there was another embarrassing gaff.

In the video, which was viewed hundreds of thousands of times after just a few hours, the Democrat Biden said on Saturday that he began his career in the Senate “180 years ago”. He stated in full:

“That is why it has been a priority throughout my career to work closely with you [the citizens] since the time I came to the Senate 180 years ago.”

In fact, Joe Biden did not become Senator in 1840, but in 1973 – and remained so for 37 years.

More at DrowsySphinx.

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