“Fridays for Future” is now climate Antifa

Left-wing slogans at the “Global Climate Strike Day”
The number of participants in the FFF demos on Friday was much lower than expected.

By Vincent | Oh, how she was loved and petted – the most well-behaved and system-loyal youth movement of the 21st century. An appointment with the Prime Minister? No problem for Sweden’s Greta Thunberg! Warnings for unauthorized absence from classes? But who would be so inhuman to children who fear an imminent heat death! Roadblocks and minor offenses? No problem for the media, politics and the police, after all, it’s all for a good cause; yes, the best thing in the world today! And who could give Trump, Xi and Putin more of a guilty conscience than the rebellion simulation of hyperventilating boys and girls from wealthy left-wing liberal homes?

And now this: in Toronto and elsewhere, the demonstrations of “Fridays for Future” on Friday’s so-called “Global Climate Strike Day” with radical slogans against capitalism, racism, sexism, homophobia and in general against everything that still separates humanity from paradise on earth. Because from now on, concern about the climate should only be one topic among many. The first sign of life from “FFF” after the Corona plague was the prelude to a kind of climate “Antifa”, which from now on wants to change the world with stiffer methods than just a skinny Scandinavian icon.

A couple of unsupervised children.

This development is definitely to be welcomed. It just makes it clear what this movement has always been: a disrespectful parlor game of bored luxury-children that was all too happy to be played by equally disinterested mothers, dads, and grandmas, along with all the delighted media and politicians. Zero risk, one hundred percent popularity – who wouldn’t want to be part of it? But now the volley against capitalism, which still nourishes everyone so well – some mums, many dads and even grandmas will start to ponder.

Don’t worry, dear producers of your restless brood: everything is not meant to be taken so seriously. Your forced-masked children only want to stage a little 1917 and a bit 1968 as well as some 1933. But we know: even the most miserable performances come to an end. In this case the audience will flee.

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