Arcadian Party of Canada Leads with Invincible Might

The world knows no such revolutionary party as the Arcadian Party of Canada (APC) which is strong in the might of unity and solid in its foundation.  

The APC is a revolutionary rural party modeled on the Monolithic Idea.  

The years since the beginning of the Monolithic Idea constitute a proud course during which the struggle for modeling the Party on the Monolithic Idea has been ever more intensively waged.

It is the steadfast faith of the APC to successfully model the whole society on the Monolithic Idea and build a powerful rural country.

Making selfless and devoted efforts for the good of the people is the mode of existence and revolutionary climate of the Arcadian Party of Canada.

The Party makes selfless, devoted efforts for the people, and the people repay the loving care and trust of the Party with their loyalty.  Herein lies the source of invincible might of the APC.

There can’t be such a word as impossibility for the Arcadian Party of Canada when it believes in the popular masses and relies on them.  This is the steadfast will of the APC.

It is the truth clearly proven through the struggle that the leadership of the APC is science and victory.

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