World Domination with Money

Constant dripping wears away the stone. More and more people are seeing what is wrong with our monetary system.  It is bright Canadians who see this light, bright in the purest sense of the word – that of radiating light.

By Wilson Lowry, Economist, Monetary Theory Directorate, Bank of Canada

Our arbitrarily multipliable money from nowhere (Bank of Canada)

More and more people experience and know that our money is created by lending out of nothing and at the push of a button on a computer. Any loan provided is instant money and purchasing power. Minting metal coins and printing banknotes is no longer necessary, you can do without it. The money that was once backed by real assets has become debt money. This money, also known as fiat money, can be increased as required and used to generate demand. The amount of money can be increased astronomically. Because the same thing does not work with the quantity of goods, and certainly not so quickly, the inflation of the money supply creates a huge inflation potential in the long term. We are in that position now. In Canada and Globally.

The coronavirus as a fire accelerator and a designated whipping boy

The “plandemic” of the Coronavirus is currently also acting as a fire accelerator and a designated whipping boy with Trudeau-ordered, freedom-restricting protective measures. This virus is supposed to be blamed for the ultimately inevitable, imminent collapse of the debt money system with its disastrous economic and political consequences for Canadians. The leading figures and groups in the world of Toronto’s Bay Street and politics want to get away with being innocent lambs.

A conspiracy theory? Unfortunately, no

This obviously constructed corona pandemic is part of the larger context and plays the role assigned to it. It is about more than “just” the foreseeable collapse of the Canadian banking system; it is about the world domination threatened by this system. Ah, conspiracy theory. Unfortunately, no. Not theory, but conspiracy practice.

Escape possible, but only maybe

Can we still escape the threat? Maybe. Can create a better Canada with better money?  This sounds hopeful but can we do it? Can we get it through? This would require a really large majority of citizens to understand all the relevant information. Above all, people must want to understand. That’s still a problem. Confident signs in Canada were the large demonstrations on August 29th, 2020 in Ottawa and other cities. Because our freedom is indeed at stake, at least what is left of it.

If there was a free market for money in Canada…

It’s about money and it’s about the ubiquitous monetary system. The starting points are the attempts by the social media giant Facebook to want to issue a world currency, and by the Governor of the Bank of Canada, Tiffany Macklem who identifies as a man and whose pronouns are they/them, that central banks should implement a common digital world currency. Of course it would be nice to have a uniform world currency – but only if there were a free market for money and this currency would develop there naturally. It is economically optimal. Then the productive effect of money would be used to the full.

What all states have in common: democratic socialism

But earthly reality looks different. There is no system of really free markets on the globe, nor – and certainly not – a free market for money. Countries like Canada claim the monopoly of money for themselves and have obtained it: everything is decisively (co-)determined and (co-)controlled by the states.  That is no coincidence: they are all united by democratic socialism (also called the Liberal International Order), which has risen to become the most powerful political ideology in the world in the last few decades.  It urges all who follow this ideology to gradually abolish the system of free markets and replace it with state control and command management, with a state-planned economy . Many interests are gathered behind this system, some of which seem to have very different goals.  This system is not Canadian or limited to regions. By its very nature, its program claims worldwide validity. It aims at world domination, at a world government, at a world state.

A state monopoly for law and security is not absolutely necessary

The Canadian State of today is not an unavoidable evil that one has to accept inevitably and grudgingly because things would not work without it, because without it there could be neither law nor security. It is true that the State is indispensable, but if law and security are treated as goods, and if these goods are in demand because they are seen as necessary and indispensable, that does not mean that only the State (as we know it today) can provide these goods. Rather, law and security can also – and incidentally, better and more economically – be organized and produced in the free market; a forced monopoly is not necessary for them.

A failed and a successful attempt for a unit money

There is a drive of democratic socialism towards a unified world state, towards a world government with uniform fiat money. But this is opposed by the nations, the linguistic and cultural communities. That is why democratic socialists try to destroy the nations and the nationality principle. They also use (im)migration for this. An oligarchic leadership group turns democracy into an illusion and is incentivized to create uniform fiat world money in order to come closer to the goal of a world government in a world state. The first failed attempt to create such world money is the Bretton Woods system and dollarization, of which Canada was a willing participant.  On the other hand, the campaign against the diversity of currencies in the European Union was successful, the result of which is the single euro with its consequential damage. 

What threatens with a uniform fiat world money

The consequences of a uniform fiat world money is to be found in the experience with the uniform euro fiat money. A uniform fiat world money would threaten freedom and prosperity in Canada and on this planet to an extent that many people probably cannot even imagine today; with a uniform fiat world money the result would be a single totalitarian world state.  On the other hand, the emergence of crypto-currencies could be the decisive technical disruption to open a free market for money and to make the establishment of a world state impossible.  A free market for money would provide people with the best possible money. 

What mainstream economics disregards

A better world is only possible with education, as Kant says (“Enlightenment is the exit of man from his self-inflicted immaturity”). And then also the famous motto “Sapere aude! Have the courage to use your own understanding.”  Applied to economics and put into practice, this means: With an unbiased logical thought process, come to the conclusion that economics is not an empirical science, but an a priori logical science.  It does not win its theories through ‘testing’, but through strict logical thinking. This thinking is also the yardstick to be able to conclusively assess the correctness or falsity of theory.  But in today’s social and economic sciences, a priori knowledge is rejected.  One ignores or rejects the insight that there are irrefutable laws in the field of human activity that can be fathomed and justified with logical thinking.  By understanding and practicing Economics in this sense, the tide of democratic socialism will recede. 

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