53 Africans flee from Corona quarantine in Toronto

Successful outbreak 

By David | If a few dozen dynamic young men with dark skin are about to jump in front of the hood on the highway, then please drive carefully and don’t provoke anyone. You should definitely not get out of the vehicle and seek multi-cultural contact, because the young men may come from an asylum seeker home in Toronto and have escaped from the corona quarantine there.

This happened on September 28, 2020 in the Hyatt-Regency Toronto. A nice facility with generously equipped rooms and swimming pool. But many asylum seekers want more than just room service, and waiting in quarantine is inconvenient.

Fifty three foreigners, originally intercepted at Roxham Road in Quebec over the past week, managed to escape from the facility in disregard of the provisions of the Anti-Covid Protocol, which provides for compliance with the quarantine. City of Toronto Mayor John Tory and Marco “Two Legs” Mendicino, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship announced at a press conference that about twenty people remain missing, after thirty three got confused and ended up back at the hotel.  They walked away en masse masse through the streets of the city, away from the city center in order to escape undisturbed.

Many of them also walked along the Gardiner Expressway, which posed a real danger not only to themselves but also to motorists. No attempt by law enforcement agencies was made to try to bring the fugitives back to the hotel.  “We feel that would be a violation of their rights,” said Minister Mendicino.  Long time Toronto resident and Nationalist Party leader Don Andrews has a solution: “Don’t let them come in the first place.”

In the meantime, social media were spreading appeals to citizens explaining what was happening by telling everyone to be careful in their cars:”’Beware of the Gardiner Expressway – there are migrants walking on the street. Drive carefully.”

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