Corona, job loss and mass immigration go hand in hand in Canada

By Egmont | A few thousand here – a few thousand there. Almost to the same extent as new people from Africa, Arabia and Asia are being settled here, traditional citizens and workers are currently losing their jobs from BC to Newfoundland. Above all, corporations and suppliers within the Canadian manufacturing (i.e. automotive) industry, the former economic draft horse par excellence, are currently massively cutting output at a rate never seen before, not even during the 2008 recession.

The framework conditions for a functional economy could hardly be worse. And Liberal-Globalist politics has contributed significantly to this misery, even before Corona, through its anti-industrial interventions. To make matters worse, many cities are currently being designed around public transport in order to gently prepare the residents for the coming generation of so-called “car-free cities”, which, due to the lack of parking spaces in the future, does not exactly promote automobile sales.

Massive structural change in the cities

To the same extent that bustling Marxist green-left urban planners destroy entire branches of industry and skilled trades, both culture and security are dying out in inner-city retail. A responsible government should not permit such a massive structural change by force of decree, but involve the citizens. Conversely, Brazil and the Chinese economy are growing immeasurably.

The numerous activists who promote immigration with the childishly simplistic “we have the space” argument are indifferent to such small dishes as the livelihoods of real Canadians. They are mostly not affected and hardly pay any taxes anyway, since they are either pupils / students, are employed by the state or are taken care of by the state, or are so wealthy that a few extra thousand in taxes is literally unnoticeable. In such circles, people who get up in the morning and do a regular job count as “right-wing”.

Wherever synthetically high morality counts more than anything else, it is well known that decency, consideration and restraint towards one’s own compatriots do not come into play. Such exhausting virtues are better left to the right-of-centre value-adding creators and service providers who keep the whole shop running and who, in left-wing circles, of course, are not forgiven for even the smallest mistake in appearance or etiquette.

Canadian tendency towards self-destruction

We need space”, is what Canadians should be saying. After all, every space that is currently being given to incoming new residents has to be taken away from someone beforehand. At 350,000 newcomers every year, house prices have increased to half a million dollars, well out of the reach for the working Canadian.  In this case the locals can now be sure that they will no longer be adequately represented by any Canadian parliament until proportional representation is enacted.

The Liberal-NDP-Green eco-terrorists no longer recognize oil production or manufacturing as a guarantee of jobs and prosperity, but rather as an enemy. In addition, because of their “correct” attitude, they think their ideas are inviolable. Rightly so, because they increasingly determine the future of the country.

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