Will Covid-19 secure Trump’s re-election?

Boris Johnson and Jair Bolsonaro also benefited from infection

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for Corona.

By Andrew | After Trump advisor Hope Hicks, US President Donald Trump himself and his wife Melania have now also tested positive for Covid-19 – one month before the US presidential election. While some leftists are already hoping for his death, the whole thing could prove to be a boomerang: in the past, heads of state such as Boris Johnson or Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro had politically profited massively from a Covid infection.

Trump himself tweeted on Friday:

“Tonight the first lady and I tested positive for Covid-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER! “

The tweet had 700,000 likes and 600,000 retweets just two hours later. Including wishes for improvement, stories of the course of one’s own infection – and just a few hateful comments.

Shortly before the election, a Covid-19 infection could secure Trump’s re-election.

As mentioned above, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was even receiving intensive treatment at times, also benefited politically from the infection. The Guardian wrote in April : Whatever mistakes have been made over the pandemic, Johnson now has another winning political formula to silence his critics: without the NHS I wouldn’t be here..

And a number of stars and starlets had spread their Covid infection stories on the Internet – and often benefited from the resulting attention.

Trump is more likely to stick with the method of the stars and starlets instead of the relatively gentle reluctance of Boris Johnson. He should give daily updates on his and Melania’s disease progress on Twitter. Completely transparent and also happy to be a bit human – both Melania and himself are pleasant to look at.

The whole thing is a big story just before the election that no tabloid will miss. You can almost visualize the desperation of the Trump-hating journalists – they would like to write something negative, anything that would harm Trump – but unfortunately they cannot.

Was there another presidential candidate anywhere? Someone to write about too? Yes, yes, but he has no Covid, is old and active.

Nobody is interested in him anymore anyway …

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