Is that journalism?

Canadian journalism no longer exists in the era of Trudeau’s waning popularity.  His attempts to prop up the declining industry turns them against the alt-right.

By Egmont |  Should we be ashamed today to be a journalist? YES! Was everything better yesterday? YES!  Yesterday there was the CBC, the not-too-cynical guardian of the Canadian nation, a colonial representation of our grand colonial Mother. Today, they are only miserable, left-wing Marxists who project the Liberal-NDP Corona stammering into Canadian homes from their pinched mouths.

And yesterday there was also a Canadian newspaper called The Globe and Mail. Today there is only a fish wrapper, apparently still not enough left for some consumptive Canadians; for the endless exodus of readers who have fled from the paper to date, The Globe and Mail has long since tumbled beyond common sense into the event horizon of a black hole. 

Siri! Write me a story!

Islamophobes, homophobes, xenophobes, misogynists, or alt-right-wing populists: These are the labels that the mainstream media affixes to every dissident who is allowed to participate in the debate.  They are the politically correct mainstream media.  Each editor is at the same time a judge.

Or at least a prosecutor. Paid for by the same Canadian nation (and taxpayer) that Trudeau hates. (Perhaps it is time again to only permit landholders to vote.)  They collect millions per year from parliamentary toenail clipper Chrystia Freeland’s Ministry of Finance. The Star is even funded by the Bill Gates Foundation with 2.5 million.  Of course the always morally dubious CBC, as fighters for the mainstream, should continue to deliver “independent journalism”. Or at least as “independent” as the 37 million forced consumers; imagine the free fall that would occur if it were forced to compete in the Canadian free market economy.  

Years ago, Jean Chretien described the Canadian press as the most timid in the world.  And the Shorenstein Center for Media, Politics and Public Order, a research center of Harvard University, stated after an international comparative study about two years ago that the reporting in Canada is the least analytical in the OECD.  They are old-school Marxists who just give the facts – the material conditions of life.  “This happened there.”  They are simply reporters, never journalists.  The risk-averseness that pervades the government has taken over the media – the two are now indistinguishable.

Now all of Canada is being led into democracide by CBC minions taking orders from Liberal propagandists. Truth? Not on The Rebel: Ezra Levant panders to the delusions of the Yellow Vests.  Canada degenerating into Justin Trudeau’s kool-aid stall is essentially due to the failure of the fourth estate. Journalists should be there to lift up occasional fig leaves from Trudeau’s agenda. Ultimately they are just court jesters that despots have always liked to keep. 

No virus without the press

Without the media, nobody would have noticed anything about Covid-19.  The virus owes its pandemic danger to the collapse of the “fourth pillar of democracy.” After all, it is the media that to this day are not ashamed of the fact that they continue to surrender their integrity to “corona deaths”, “new infections”, “increasing numbers of cases” and “corona tests”. In a country with a functioning “fourth estate” no politician could dream of putting masks on the face of the people, against all evidence of their ineffectiveness.

The reader and television viewer is the ward of their legal guardians in the editorial offices.  For the still presumed democracy, there can be nothing better than if this impertinent pedagogue clique loses more and more of its ratings and circulation month after month. No one really needs them anymore. Just go die!

Harsh? But true!! When the CBC pilloried a Canadian-born mask refuser with a photo, name, age and occupation, but calls Justin’s “refugees” with a passport bought in his home country a “Canadian”. Or a marauding “Allahu Akbar” roaring Jihadi who ravaged a city center, was charmingly ennobled to an “alleged offender”.  Or simply called an African who raped a jogger – a “man”.  When they ask if more people are dying from lockdown than from Corona, the CBC digs up a “hygiene doctor”, makes him scream about “parties during the Corona pandemic!  It’s a scandal that the authorities aren’t intervening!”

Or they lull their readers to the next tax increase.  “Corona brings health insurance into financial difficulties.”  The nobody-guy titled “expert” by the left editor-in-chief exposes himself with the line “What happens to commuters who now mainly work in the home office? Here caution is required… those who no longer drive to the office, can also not claim a distance flat rate! ” Jesus, Mary and Josef Stalin!

Egg or avocado?

Then CBC pays homage to Saint Greta and her green sect: “Avocado, egg, or meat? Mathematicians have calculated which foods are the climate killers! ” And a nice young man with a beard and shoulder-length shaggy curls comes on and actually says: “An egg from Canada produces 269 grams of carbon dioxide per 100 grams, an avocado from South Africa only 180 grams.”  They graciously allow us subjects 100 grams of pork or beef per week and a maximum of 250 ml of milk or 15 g of butter per day. Lord of bacon, have mercy.  But at least our chocolate ration has increased from 20 grams to 15 grams!

Throw everyone out!

The remarks by on-air CBC ‘personalities’ (fed to them by the Marxist producers and civilian staff) are nothing but impudent screeds to remain clear of public censure for their attempts to cover up their traitorous acts which have plunged Canadian society into dangerous phase where they refuse to denounce the violence on the street.

They are despicable acts far from common sense to talk about “dialog” and “trust” while persisting in the provocations that build up tension, which is the reckless act of the Liberal-NDP-Green regime of champagne socialists that are madly keen on rolling out a smear campaign against the alt-right while running amok in the confusion.

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