“Skyscrapers that ejaculate into the sky” – feminist accuses cities of sexism!

Like most things in her life, high-rise buildings remind Canadian feminist Leslie Kern of penises. Now she has written a book about it! Here you learn that urban architecture actually only expresses “toxic masculinity” and “masculine power”.

Typical western cities are nothing more than threatening phallic forests. The feminist sees only one way out: abolish the police!

Are skyscrapers symbols of discrimination?

Dark alleys, glass roofs, street names and statues of men, for the feminist Leslie Kern all of these are symbols of lived “gender inequality”.

She thinks skyscrapers are particularly bad: In Leslie Kern’s imagination, penises lie in wait for her everywhere!

Symbols of the Patriarchy

“A building, no matter how much like a penis, cannot be misogynistic, can it?” She asks suggestively. “Surely skyscrapers and glass roofs are not responsible for sexual harassment and wage differentials, are they?”

Skyscraper rape?

The author emphasizes that cities definitely depict gender discrimination.  As evidence, she quotes the feminist geographer Jane Darke with the words: “Our cities are a patriarchy, in the form of stones, bricks, glass and concrete.”

According to Leslie Kern, buildings like the CN Tower in Toronto serve to oppress women. At most, their shape has to do with structural reasons or a lack of space in the city.

For Leslie Kern, one thing is clear: cities carry the norms of their builders and sexism is a “deeply rooted norm.”  She also explains exactly how buildings oppress women:

For this she refers to the book “High-rise seduction, high-rise rape” by the architect Dolores Hayden. For her, the “office tower stands in a row with monuments that are reminiscent of penises.“ The supposed proof: architects speak of “ base, shaft and tip.”

Women feel unsafe in cities – solution: just get rid of the police!

Leslie Kern leaves it open as to whether all objects that have a base, shaft and tip are secret penis symbols. She has a completely different theory for this:

“Ask any woman who wants to take a stroller with her on the bus, breastfeed her child in the park or jog at night. The city sends her the message: This place is not for you.

So you can rest assured: the reason that women don’t like to jog alone at night is not because of criminals, but rather high-rise buildings that are reminiscent of penises.

After all, at the end of her book “Feminist City”, the author has a solution to the problems described: “Deprive the police of financial resources and invest them in public life.”

As everyone knows, at night you feel most comfortable alone in dark city streets with high crime rates without the police – especially as a woman.

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