RECLAIM: Great Britain gets a party against political correctness

Actor Laurence Fox founds a party against Political Correctness in Great Britain. As one of the few conservatives in his business, he is in the crosshairs of the Marxist left. But unlike in Canada, such initiatives have a chance of success there. 

British crime series are very popular with Canadian audiences. And so many should be familiar with the now discontinued “Lewis” series, in which a smart detective sergeant investigates at the side of a quirky, widowed chief inspector. It was the diversity of the main characters that gave the spin-off of the British hit series “Inspector Morse” its charm. Laurence Fox embodied the distinguished Oxford graduate James Hathaway as an alternative to his superior from the north of England, who was rather suspicious of the academic milieu. Since the series ended in 2015, Fox has turned to other projects.

The British actor has many talents: In addition to his TV roles, he not only appears in the theater or as a singer / songwriter and guitarist, but is also politically active.  In the past, Fox repeatedly made people sit up and take notice with clear conservative positions, in which he complained, among other things, of the increasing appropriation of society by political correctness and criticized the radical appearance of vocal minorities. So he countered the “Black Lives Matter” slogan with repeated “All Lives Matter” tweets. This has put him in the crosshairs of the left. The 42-year-old never seemed to mind that he was denied some roles and some doors were closed due to his publicly expressed views.

At the beginning of the year, Fox faced considerable criticism from the left after he mocked the abuse of the term racism and complained that he felt racially discriminated against if he was called a “white, privileged man.”  He let the British know that he had no interest in women under 35 because he could not stand their politically correct views. The actors’ association Equity criticized him sharply for this, but apologized a few weeks later for calling him “a shame for our industry.” The members of the Association’s Race Equality Committee resigned as a whole.

Fox is now founding his own party, and like the EU skeptics around Nigel Farage at the time, “Reclaim”, the planned party name, could also be a resounding success. In an allusion to the successful Brexit supporters, conservative media are already ennobling the new project as “Ukip for culture”. The other side, which traditionally means less well when dealing with the offspring of a well-known English family of actors, is meanwhile bringing up the heavy artillery. But that’s not all: A charity is in a huff because Fox dares to claim a commonplace term for himself. The charitable institution founded in 2010 Reclaim, which cares for young people from working-class families, fears that it will in future be confused by name with a party whose aim is “to recapture British values ​​from politicians who have lost touch with their voters”.

To Canadian ears, the complaint about a detached political caste that betrays its own values ​​sounds all too familiar. But unlike in Canada, something is happening on the island. And unlike in Canada, party foundations like this have a good chance of success there. There is no one-sided reporting media bubble that only applauds left and green projects, no paralyzing formalism. In Great Britain has no law on political parties. The state stays out of the way and does not finance political parties with tax revenues.

It is no coincidence that London’s Woke Community is angry. The “awokened”, know about the strength of the new initiative. They had just hoped that with their “Black Lives Matter” marches and the demolition of historical monuments they would have come a great deal closer to their final victory over the bourgeois camp, so they have to see how Fox prepares himself with powerful donors behind him to stand up and push the seemingly unstoppable train of political correctness off the rails. The British television star has more than five million pounds.  According to the party, it has already collected enough financial strength to successfully oppose the left-wing extremist “Cancel Culture”, whose main goal is to ban from the public sphere those who think differently.

The founding of the party is the logical answer to increasingly radical organizations that have instigated a culture war, not only in the Anglo-Saxon world, which in the end will not have a winner. Both the BLM movement and newer groups such as “Extinction Rebellion” or “Fridays for Future” pursue Marxist-Leninist goals and want nothing less than the total restructuring of societies in the Western hemisphere. For them, destruction is the necessary basis for creating a completely new world. The fact that they are now facing a force, at least in Great Britain, that can keep up in terms of funding and prominent support is a glimmer of hope that may one day radiate to the colonies.

Two months earlier than expected, the “Reclaim” foundation has now become public. But it doesn’t have to be a disadvantage that Fox is forced to act faster than he originally wanted. It is never too early to fight against left-anarchist democratic enemies who hide their destructiveness behind the facade of anti-racism. And hopefully not too late.

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