Defamation, stigmatization and other exclusion mechanisms

Freedom of expression, cancel culture and Twitter mobs. One thing is certain: it is about the ideological destruction of the left’s enemies.

By Clara | A statement doesn’t seem to be the same depending on who makes it. Knowledge does not mean that you are 100 percent sure, but that you have enough facts to have a well-founded opinion. Science is not a doctrine of salvation, not a religion. And those who keep shouting “Follow science!” obviously have not understood that.

It should be about the question of how well-liked a public person is in the media of this country once he or she dares to have his own opinion. Together with all the other citizens, we see ourselves as the sovereign of this country and not as idiots to be patronized.

So what about freedom of expression in Canada?  In contrast to dictatorships like China, you can say anything. However, one social nicety is on the wane in Canada: the acceptance of other opinions. In online forums and in the press there is therefore an increasing problem with defamation and the exclusion of those who think differently.

The Appeal for Free Speech Areas

The opposite of the narrowing corridors of opinion that have been described by a wide variety of public figures for some time is urgently needed. And this can actually affect a wide variety of professions: actors, censored cartoonists, demonstrators who are not allowed to demonstrate, journalists who are no longer supposed to write, writers who are no longer published or sold: the corridor of opinion is narrowed, islands of information are sinking, people of public and cultural life are muted and stigmatized.

And these last two probably best describe what can happen to people who excel with uncomfortable opinions. The ‘critical mass’ of the angry left who are ready to remove a person from the social context just has to come about by some coincidence. Then the mechanism strikes. The “appeal” demonstrates that “vocal minorities and activists” stand out who drown out a silent or muted majority.

The main problem with today’s debates is not even mentioned in the “appeal.” It is the “labeling” of people which has taken the place of the argument. The assertion is then simply that someone is “alt-right”, “fascist” or a “white supremacist”, in any case they are only denounced, no argument required. Ultimately, they aim to destroy and that means dragging a person’s good name through the dirt. Art should produce an existential effect that “disturbs” and disturbs people in their views, and stimulates independent thinking.

Canadians fear of their own opinion

The new fear (according to a survey) of two thirds of Canadians is of expressing their own opinion scientifically, quantitatively and statistically. In the past, the opinions once expressed in the pub formed a kind of evaporation. You spoke into the glass, and then your opinion stayed there. Today it is virtually immortalized, solidified into a trend and quasi-news. However, the currents of anger that the struggling Canadian media are trying to feed themselves – a last elixir of life in the guise of a revitalization, is rather the demise of journalism. 

What happened to the anarchy of humor?

Does criticizing the Corona measures actually play into the hands of the conspiracy theorists? Yes, because while every joke that is not made about the alt-right plays into the hands of the left. So you are only allowed to joke about Nazis because soon apparently only that will suffice as proof of having the correct (that is, marxist) convictions.

On the other hand, it is hard to believe that anyone in this peaceful country could want to “destroy” anyone. The media are only doing this in the hunt for more clicks and reach. There are strong ideological struggles in this country with growing extremes that despise those who think differently and want to harm them wherever possible. Indeed, it would be interesting to experience these ideologically charged conflicts – which also dominate the online community in all their diversity – more often in the nation’s public discussion forums. Attempts have been made to suppress the debate on all major issues in recent years.

It comes back to the people and their power: in a democracy, power is with the people, and the right to demonstrate means that people use their power to express their opinion, to apply pressure on the street.

Satire takes hold of all objects that exist and makes fun of everything. Sometimes even about yourself. You wouldn’t speak of an “attack” on yourself.  Where is the anarchy that humor has? You have to make it clear that you are on the right side and refuse to applaud the wrong people -a castration of humour.

The neatly formulated hateful comments of the agitated

A new Twitter bubble puffs up and bursts again, there is talk of “dead men who are still walking”. If you haven’t experienced it, you shouldn’t judge it. But that is what the users of social media cannot do without: they only consist of their opinion. So they build a nice big mound out of it to channel the excitement of others in neatly formulated hateful comments.

Remember the chaos in these things: today you still have a vote, respect and honour, tomorrow you can lose them, and thus nagging doubts are nourished about a person, which in the end – if the doubters prevail – can lead to the actual obliteration of the person.

For the time being, the whole thing is an attempt to psychologically overwhelm others, and so we should do ourselves a favour and expose the excited and hateful for what they are: bullies.

More at DrowsySphinx.

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