Politics must not hide behind Corona

The logic of dictatorship is to want and have to enforce increasingly repressive measures. The political perpetrators can no longer risk taking the safe way out of this self-imposed trap without admitting their massive wrong decisions.

By William | According to media reports, Health Canada gives little hope of an early end to the social emergency of the virus pandemic. Even after a vaccine has been approved, it will take many months (if ever) before masks and distance requirements are no longer enforced.

And, as is well known, there is still no carefully tested vaccine against Covid-19, only the feverish effort to get it out of laboratories around the world. In view of this situation, politicians, especially in Canada, can no longer hide behind the opinions of virologists and the hopes for the perfect vaccine.

The devastating side effects that arise as a result of the protective measures against infections are becoming more and more evident and verifiable. These are economically, medically, psychologically, culturally, and politically of such negative effect that the sum of the damage already far exceeds the benefits of the defense measures against the virus.

Least of all it is the fact that it is increasingly annoying for many people to have to walk around with masks, to have to stand in line in front of shops in the rain and cold or still not be allowed to enjoy a night (or day) out.

These are hardships in individual and social life that should not be belittled, and should not leave permanent damage in healthy adults. But what will the consequences be for children and adolescents who sit in class with masks, who have school closures due to quarantine measures, whose parents are overwhelmed, and who must no longer see grandma and grandpa? What happens to the many lonely people in our urban single scenes?

Learning to live with danger without unlearning life

Are those responsible for politics not aware of this corona collateral damage, which has now been documented in many ways and can hardly be denied?  From the federal government to the municipalities, political decision-makers not only hide behind certain virologists, but use words and measures to stir up a panic that turns citizens into submissive subjects and informers. Of course, a US president appears who shows demonstrative optimism and resistance to resistance after a Covid 19 infection, like a madman or ignorant and negligent of danger.

And yet Donald Trump’s reaction is far more strongly and more positively shaped by his responsibility for the huge community of 330 million people than the reprehensible panic instigated by Trudeau and Singh among 37 million people in Canada, many of whom already have a strong affinity for fear. With other Canadians, however, the coercive measures encounter growing resistance, whether open or hidden. The logic of dictatorship, however, is to want and have to enforce it more and more repressively. But the political perpetrators can no longer risk taking the safe way out of this self-made trap without admitting their massive wrong decisions.

That is the dilemma of Trudeau, Singh and Co. But it is no reason for many millions to pay a price that is far too high in the long run. Therefore, the supporters and political profiteers of the Corona coercive measures must finally be confronted in large numbers with the collateral and consequential damage of their course. Parties and politicians in power come and go, but the damage they are responsible for continues. The only sensible response to this usually non-fatal health hazard is to learn to live with it as with other, often greater, hazards. Otherwise we will unlearn the life that is exhilarating and worth experiencing.

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