Children in charge

By Nicolas. “Children should have power!”, Justin Trudeau once cheered. “Put children in charge because they don’t think about what they’re doing!” Well, it’s done. The mouth of the child proclaims the truth, they are the new prophets; before their “I want you to panic” the powerful of the world tremble. And they really do not think, they cannot calculate at all, numbers are cold and inhuman, as every child knows.

That’s funny, No?  Yes. But only for adults who have long since raised the voting age rather than lowering it. And properly so.

It is amazing how much the infantile dominates the picture today.  Under Trudeau, Ministries cater to citizens’ prejudices, schools explain democracy with pictures, the media turn news into funny clips where sounds and pictures replace concepts, like in preschool.  Communication is becoming a low-threshold offer for all people and generations. Yes, that connects! Reduce instead of divide! 

A loose bond of the ruthless

This current insanity is not all that new, however.  The deification of children did not start when children became a rare and all the more precious commodity. Even in Dickens there is that “morbid cult of the infantile” that Aldous Huxley laments. And what about Peter Pan, invented at the turn of the 20th century; the role model for all people who do not want to grow up? Morbid perhaps, definitely murderous: a cute killer and exploiter. A society of Peter Pans would be anti-social, a loose union of the ruthless.

Separated at birth?

The eternal child Peter has neither morals nor memory and certainly no feeling for the consequences of his actions. “The childish person quickly becomes a manipulated citizen – or an unscrupulous ruler,” says Bradley Simmons, researcher with the Canadian Political Institute. Anyone who still remembers their own relentless will to improve the world thanks to all-encompassing justice, which idealistic young people have always enjoyed, should have the sense of mission of Greta Thunberg and her imperious demeanor, reminiscent of Mao’s Young Guard rather than cute little gummy bear eaters.

But children and young people are allowed to do what adults should forbid. “You should learn from children,” say politicians. Artists and scientists urge the children to listen. That is just a childish imposition for strategic purposes. Children are not to be blamed for talking like children. But adults can be blamed for using testimony from children to immunize their own adult agenda from criticism. By putting children on a pedestal, they create a taboo zone for themselves, in which the position of the pedestal builder should not be criticized. 

Projection screen of adult desires

The glorification of Greta Thunberg is illuminating.  A young person who is autistic becomes a projection screen for adult longings. She is enthusiastically applauded when she grows into her anger –  the adults should panic, they will not be forgiven, they will not be allowed to get away with the imagined destruction of the world. 

The minds of many of her followers apparently surrender to so much moral fury – one reporter let himself be carried away to the question: “How can the change to a CO2-free world succeed?” In the same way that one creates equality in the world – by blowing it up immediately.

Not all anger is sacred, though. But being childish eats its way through all areas of life. It is precisely at the universities that there are “snowflakes” that need “safe spaces” and trigger warnings so that nothing and nobody scares them. Learning was yesterday, knowledge is stupid. Life under the blanket.

Exemplified in the style of Justin Trudeau

Politicians assist with “easy language” that everyone should understand, exemplified in the style of the Prime Minister, who likes to romp around in the border areas of easy language, with “have” and “be” and “things” and “measures”. This is tyranny in the name of tolerance. Supervised thinking for people who are not trusted to have their own thoughts.

Even Christian churches have long since ceased to speak the language of the Bible; they speak the pidgin of social workers and advertisers.  Danger is the word of the hour, you have to have courage, “dare to believe”, “dare to look” and, yes, “dare to be carried away.”   Do not be afraid, you children, everything is in a warm lump. Dare to cuddle.

And then there was Corona – and it is by no means only in Canada that the suspicion grew that the rulers were using the crisis situation to send their voters to the daycare center for good.  It was even believed that they had to teach childish citizens how to wash their hands, and since he could not protect himself, the government instructed him on public life and the economy as a kind of lockdown cuddle. It’s as childish as it’s not at all funny. 

And what’s the moral of the story? Dare to be an adult. Because the adult does not forget that he was a child, but he knows that it was him. He knows his feelings well enough not to have to expose everyone to them. He is confident enough to keep his distance from himself and therefore tolerates distance from others. He knows about the infinity of feelings and the finiteness of life and therefore does not see every limit as an offense.

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