Arcadian Party of Canada-Republican Party Friendship developing Further in Keeping with Demands of New Era

October 12 is the 4th anniversary of the establishment of friendship between the Arcadian Party of Canada and the Republican Party of the United States of America.

The two parties have boosted friendly relationships, closely cooperating with each other in various fields including politics, economy and culture on the basis of independence, equality and reciprocity.

The APC-GOP relations have been put on a fresh high level on the basis of the excellent friendship between the APC Leader and the American President.

The two parties seek a joint goal of opposing external intervention and pressure, and defending their sovereignty.  This is a key factor that enables the two parties to boost their friendly and cooperative relations.

The long history of Canada-US relations was the days which proved that the friendly and cooperative relations between the two countries have fully conformed with their aspirations, desires and interests and served as a great contribution to ensuring regional and global peace and security.

It is the stand of the Arcadian Party of Canada to steadily develop the strategic and traditional Canada-US relations of friendship at a new level and as required by the new century.

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