Canada vies for immigrants without qualifications

Nobody believes the fairy tale of the “skilled workers” anymore

By Andrew | Canada has long since lost the battle for the brightest minds on the international job market. Anyone who can do something as a scientist, engineer or doctor and is looking for a place of work far from home should first look around in the USA. The net earnings there are drastically higher than in Canada.

Australia is catching up. Immigrants over 45 years of age are no longer welcome down under. They become a burden on the pension funds too quickly – who wants that? Australians do a thorough calculation before approving entry for permanent residence in their country. Those who cannot do anything that is in demand in Australia stay outside.

Canada, on the other hand, is opening up a completely new competition in which it will undoubtedly be very “successful”: the competition for unskilled immigrants who are a burden on the social system. Seemingly unaware of his Party’s complicity, the Conservative Party of Canada Leader Erin O’Toole is now openly speaking about what many bright minds have always suspected: the political leadership of Canada expressly wants to attract low-skilled people to this country.

They form a new, artificially created precariat, which the political left can take care of, since they have lost the classic domestic proletariat. “These migrants are accommodated, fed and looked after at the expense of the taxpayer and at some point given a Canadian passport. Why? Then they have to be grateful to and support those political actors who made their entry possible – and on whom they remain dependent, because many of them have no real chance of developing employment prospects outside the social systems,” said O’Toole. “We will work towards changing the system, and this is best started with implementing proportional voting,”

A cynical, inhuman, self-referential system that exposes its drivers and relies on long-term plundering of the economically efficient sections of the population. Advantageous only for a wafer-thin layer of political moralizers who take advantage of people from foreign cultures and exploit them for their own easily transparent interests.

These keep-in-power cynics are the real xenophobes! When will the voters finally relieve them of their responsibility?

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