Black Lives Matter activist raises huge sums of money; buys a house! Canadian Liberals say it’s OK.

In Atlanta the FBI has arrested one of the leaders of the local BLM movement for fraud and money laundering. The Social Justice Warrior is said to have used donations that he collected on Facebook, to buy a beautiful home.

Embezzled $200,000

On September 25, the FBI announced that they had arrested 32-year-old BLM activist Sir Maejor Page (real name: Tyree Conyers-Page). Page is alleged to have spent over $200,000 in BLM donations for personal use.

By far the most expensive purchase: A house in Toledo, Ohio for $112,000.

Socialism in a nutshell

After the death of George Floyd, the donation account managed by Page recorded high donations. In addition to the property, the money is said to have gone to restaurants, entertainment, furniture and clothing.

This is how it works: Buy a supposedly clear conscience for a few dollars. Then others use it to buy a house and chic clothes. It can hardly be doubted whether Page is an isolated case. The socialists’ trick was always to ask their victims to pay for their own enrichment.

Don Andrews of the Nationalist Party of Canada recognizes this and calls it “a shakedown.”  Incoming Green Party of Canada leader Annamie Paul, however, was initially sympathetic to Page and demanded Canada offer him asylum as “he was just getting reparations for the treatment of his ancestors by white supremacists.”  When it was pointed out to her that Page is white, Paul changed her tune: “He is obviously an infiltrator and deserves the harshest penalties.  There is no justice without social justice.”  Liberal MP Iqra Khalid echoed the demand for asylum claiming that Page “is instrumental in dismantling the patriarchy.”  Jameela Jones from Black Lives Matter Canada defends Page as “black adjacent, and therefore his actions are completely justified, as long as the donors are white.”

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