Mayor de Blasio Destroys the City

People and business people are fleeing New York City

Crime in New York City increases massively under Mayor de Blasio (Democrat). Firearm attacks are up 200 percent, murders are up 165 percent, and robberies are up 65 percent. The people and also business people are fleeing New York City.

New York City was once the epitome of a cosmopolitan city. “The Big Apple,” as the city calls itself, was a melting pot of cultures. These cultural meetings were not always peaceful, as the film “The Gangs of New York,” which is based on historical facts, impressively shows. The “five points gang” actually existed, as did the violent clashes with other gangs over sovereignty in the slums of New York. At the time, the authorities took targeted action against these gangs and other forms of crime in the city at a high cost, thus creating the basis for a relatively peaceful coexistence. In the 1990s in particular, the crime rate in New York City fell massively, not least because the mayor invested massive amounts of money in police work.

However, with the current Mayor Bill de Blasio (in office since November 5, 2013), these investments were massively scaled back by the US Democrats. Expenses for the New York Police Department (NYPD) have been dramatically reduced and many prison inmates have been released well before the end of their term. The result is shocking: the number of attacks with firearms rose by 200 percent during de Blasio’s tenure, the number of murders rose by 165 percent and that of robberies rose by 65 percent. And last but not least, de Blasio’s failure to act against the violent excesses of the criminal BLM supporters caused considerable uncertainty among the citizens of the city.

More and more people are packing up their belongings and leaving New York City to settle in neighboring and much more peaceful New Jersey. Businesspeople are also fleeing the city in large numbers to continue their business from New Jersey. With such decisions as de Blasio’s, according to “Benny on the block”, one of the city’s most popular bloggers, it is no wonder that people leave the “NYC ship”.

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