Parents raise their daughter in a gender-neutral way – wonder why she still only wants pink clothes

In a letter to the parenting expert for the US magazine Slate, a mother describes a problem that only left-progressive parents are guaranteed to experience.

Just no “glitter princess”!

“We bring her books and other media that do not represent traditional gender roles (no glittering princesses!)”, writes the mother about her three-year-old daughter.
“What did we do wrong?” Ask the parents, whose daughter likes to wear pink clothes.

Relatives and friends should not address the child’s appearance and clothing , she explains, but their “skills and interests.”
It doesn’t help because “our daughter adores the color pink, insists on putting on clothes and is currently obsessed with accessories,” complains the woman.

Father is the driving force

Apparently the mother is not at all adament for the gender-neutral upbringing: “My husband is unhappy that I encourage her by buying clothes online and letting her wear my old jewelry,” she writes.
The mother appreciates “his dedication to bringing up our daughter without gender stereotypes, but I would also like to encourage her to make her own decisions.”

The preference of boys and girls for certain colors has little to do with socialization.
Her greatest concern, however, is that the desire to raise children could backfire and that this would make her daughter want girls’ clothes all the more.

Counselor accuses mother of bias!

The so-called parenting expert who replied to the letter accuses the parents of having made a mistake in choosing “gender-neutral” clothing for their daughter: “What we consider ‘neutral’ in terms of gender”, says the advisor, “often falls back on a masculine norm”. For example, the assumption that “boys’ things are for everyone, and girls’ things’ are for girls” is a narrow-minded way of thinking. “Is masculinity more neutral than femininity?”

In the left cosmos of absurdities, you never stop learning …

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