These 8 historical figures were actually black – say leftists!

1 Ludwig van Beethoven, composer

The student newspaper The Concordian claims that Beethoven was an African. Reason: some of his family comes from Flanders, Flanders was part of the Spanish Netherlands and some North African Moors also lived in the Spanish Netherlands.

Another theory goes even further and claims that Beethoven sprang from a secret affair between a Prussian king and a black maid. None of this has been proven and contemporary representations by Beethoven clearly contradict these conspiracy theories.

2 Sophie Charlotte zu Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Queen of England

The howstuffworks site lists “10 People You Probably Didn’t Know Were Black” for the most part from people who at some point had a black ancestor. Queen Charlotte, the wife of George III, also appears – blacks cannot be found in her family tree, however.

Another article on the site reads, “Having a Cherokee Ancestor Doesn’t Necessarily Make You Cherokee Too.”

Nothing to add.

3 Alexander Hamilton, US founding father

Americans know him from the $ 10 bill and most likely from history class as well. Alexander Hamilton fought in the American Revolutionary War and was a co-founder of the United States.

The New York Times claimed in January 2004 that he had black ancestors. In fact, he had English, Scottish and French roots. Supporters of the theory spread the fairy tale that all paintings by Hamilton – which of course show him as white – are fake.

4 St. Nicholas of Myra, Bishop

According to, Saint Nicholas is black. No wonder: Leftists have long been claiming that he was a Turk because he lived in what is now Turkey – centuries before Turks even lived there.

Nevertheless, Blackenterprise is certain that he must have been not only a Turk, but even a black Turk. The fact is that there is no evidence of this. But the probability is quite high that a black Turkish bishop in the European-influenced Byzantine culture would certainly have been worth mentioning by historians.

5 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, composer

For years the myth has persisted among left-wing history buffs that Mozart was also black. A painting is presented as evidence that supposedly shows the real – i.e. black – Mozart.

White Illuminati want to keep it a secret, they say. In truth, the image of Mozart with black skin is part of a marketing campaign by a Belgian radio station that wanted to use it to promote its jazz program.

6 Hannibal Barca, military leader

The Phoenicians who founded Carthage were a people from the Levant, that is, from the region of today’s Israel and Lebanon.

That doesn’t stop conspiracy theorists from claiming that the Phoenicians, and thus also the famous general Hannibal, were blacks. We repeat: there is no evidence of this.

7 Augustine of Hippo, church father

In order to co-opt the influential church father, leftists use a rather racist argument: Augustine’s mother was a Berber. Berbers come from North Africa. North Africa belongs to Africa. Africans are black. So Augustine was black.

Somehow they didn’t consider that Berbers live in Africa – but they’re not black.

8 Clark Gable, actor

There are some sites on the Internet that claim Gable never made a secret of being black. Strangely, nothing can be found on this. And it doesn’t look particularly black in photos either.

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