Canadian media cloud the beheading of teacher in Paris

The victim is the 47-year-old history teacher Samuel Paty.

Northwest of Paris, the head of 47-year-old history teacher Samuel Paty was chopped off in the open street by the 18-year-old muslim Abdullah Anzorov. The murder occurred late Friday afternoon in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. The municipality belongs to the Yvelines department, it is located 27 kilometers from Paris and is one of the suburbs of the capital, the banlieues. For a long time, all of the Canadian media have ignored the gruesome murders in Europe which are Islamic acts of revenge.  

CTV and the Globe and Mail describe the terrorist as a “suspect” despite having been shot by police while covered in blood, holding a bloody knife and standing over the body of the teacher.  The CBC went farther, refusing to not only name the attacker, but not identifying the murderer as a muslim.  Only CTV called the attack what it was: terrorism.  Other outlets only used the term in quotes from French officials.

Why was the teacher beheaded?

Some French media were more honest in their reports early on. The news channel Franceinfo quickly reported that the violent criminal – before he also attacked police officers and was therefore shot by the police – posted a photo of his murder on Twitter and claimed that the crime was done in the name of Allah.

The attacker was a young man aged 18, Franceinfo broadcast . It is not known on whose behalf the murderer acted. The radio and television station’s report was not officially confirmed.

According to information from the newspaper Le Parisien and the news agency Associated Press (AP), the victim is a middle school history teacher from the Paris metropolitan area who presented his students with caricatures of the Islamic prophet Mohammed – with the aim of discussing these satirical drawings. The horrific beheading could be revenge for the fact that the teacher and his students critically dealt with Islam.

France: More than 250 people were victims of Islamic attacks

France has been rocked by Islamic attacks for years – more than 250 people have died so far. Just a few weeks ago there was a knife attack in front of the former editorial building of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which was based on Islam.

The Twitter message after the fact.

The trial of the murderous attack on the Charlie Hebdo editorial team in January 2015 has been going on in Paris since the beginning of September – under high security measures. 17 people were killed at the time. Shortly before, the magazine had published cartoons of Mohammed.

Interior Minister Gérard Darmanin has now set up a crisis team. This staff also includes President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Jean Castex. Just a few weeks ago, Macron had in a speech with drastic words demanded that the state must resolutely fight the political activities of Islam in France. Many French are of course wondering when the resounding words will finally be followed by deeds.

Big words from French politicians again

After the recent terrorist attack, Macron spoke of a “clearly Islamist act” shortly before midnight on Friday. The President of the Republic looked obviously battered – for whatever reason – when he said verbatim, quite confused: “One of our fellow citizens was murdered today because he taught, because he taught students the freedom of expression, the freedom to believe and taught not to believe.” Macron gave no details about the course of the crime, he referred to the public prosecutor, who would comment soon.

Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer wrote – much more clearly – on the Internet of an attack on the republic: “Our unity and determination are the only answer to the enormity of Islamist terrorism.” Richard Ferrand, President of the National Assembly, said on Twitter that attacking a teacher means attacking all French citizens and freedom. Marine Le Pen also responded on Twitter: “Islamism is waging a war against us: we have to force it out of our country.”

Details emerge

In the meantime, more and more details about the background to the brutal murder are known. After the attack, the father of a student who belongs to the affected class of the history and geography teacher declared that the pedagogue had “warned the Muslim students about a shock and offered them to leave the room” before the start of his cartoon class.

According to Le Parisien, the decapitated family man is said to have received death threats for his cartoon lessons. By Saturday, the police carried out a number of house searches in the vicinity of the perpetrator. There were five or seven arrests.

Apparently those arrested are among others the parents, a grandfather and the 17-year-old brother of the murderer. Apparently all Muslims. The detained father of the violent criminal allegedly complained to the school management about the Islam-critical teaching of the decapitated pedagogue. Another of the arrested men is apparently – according to reports from the private news broadcaster BFM TV – the person who published a video in which the “attitude of the history teacher” to Islam was criticized.  The CBC and Globe and Mail refused to publish any of this information.

On Saturday Canadian media reported on the beheading of the high school teacher. Some outlets, at least indirectly, give the impression that the caricatures from the satire magazine Charlie Hebdo are partly responsible for the inhuman bloodshed. The National Post, for example, wrote nebulously: “The teacher had shown pupils in his class cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.”

Will the left-wing Liberal mainstream media soon demand that there should no longer be any “Mohammed cartoons” because Muslims cannot be “insulted”?

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