The Biden taboo of the Canadian media

“What did I just want to say again …?”. Joe Biden has not given a good picture in the US election campaign so far.

Whether in the opinion-forming newspapers or on Canada’s television channels: Donald Trump is the enemy in the American presidential election campaign. The incumbent president of the US, whose military power alone can guarantee the security and opportunities of its northern export reliant neighbour, is the object of unbridled hatred and contempt. But that should not be the topic here. Rather, it’s about taking a look at the man who is supposed to push Donald Trump out of the White House on November 3rd, Joe Biden, the Democratic Party candidate.

One could actually expect that the large community of Trump haters would bring one enthusiastic article or TV report after another about Biden in order to get Canadians in the mood for Trump’s successor. But surprisingly that doesn’t happen, or at least only in a very embarrassed and superficial manner. There are of course reasons for this: the Democratic candidate is simply not presentable. Biden is so obviously senile with age that every closer look at his person would inevitably have to deal with this well-documented fact in order not to make himself completely implausible.

This, however, would open the door to the question: How can it be that a man in this mental state is supposed to get to the top of the western superpower? Who can be interested in it (cui bono)? And from this question it is not far to the assumption that Biden could really only be a political puppet of forces like the gigantic transnational digital corporations like Microsoft, Facebook or Amazon, who want to get rid of the troublemaker Trump to be able to play their own game even more freely.

Why this expectation exists is easy to guess when looking at Biden’s vice presidency in the Barack Obama era. At that time he and his son Hunter were deeply embroiled in an ugly corruption affair in the Ukraine, which is making waves again in the closing stages of the US election campaign. The average media consumer in this country finds out next to nothing about this, because it is better not to get any details from Biden that could spoil his anticipation of the multimedia predicted defeat of Trump. The Biden taboo is effective, but it is also the complete declaration of bankruptcy for what journalism once was in Canada.

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