EXCLUSIVE: Left lawyer wants to push out Toronto City Councillor for ‘Liking’ a PPC social media post!

Josh Matlow called a “racist and white supremacist.”

A ten year veteran of the city council, Josh Matlow was elected to the Toronto-St, Paul’s ward and is being bullied to resign – because he ‘Liked’ a PPC tweet. The lawyer who wants to get this done makes him a dubious offer that he cannot refuse. Or can he?

Josh Matlow is a Toronto City Councillor who is interested in environmental issues.  After it came to light that he showed approval for a May 8 tweet by Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada, his colleagues on council want to get rid of him.

The offending tweet.
No legal basis

Matlow waved a solicitor’s letter that has it all. In it, Jade Harris, a lawyer from Toronto, claims that membership in the PPC “or even support for the party” is “incompatible with the basic principles of the Toronto City Council”. 

In other words: From a legal point of view, there is absolutely nothing against Matlow’s support for a tweet. Nevertheless, he should be excluded from city council

Usually such letters end there. But Ms. Harris still has something to add.

Or Else!

The lawyer ends his letter with these lines:

“At the same time, we find out that you yourself had already made the offer to resign. This would save you running the gauntlet through the Canadian media landscape and enable a secure professional future, possibly even a political future in a party other than the really despicable PPC.”

The Toronto City Council is reported to be ready to support Mr. Matlow “financially on this path”. I beg your pardon?

Sounds like Matlow is given a choice: media battle and professional consequences or resign and possibly restart and possibly a career elsewhere.

Marci Ien, Liberal candidate in the October by-election in Toronto-Centre, called Matlow “a racist and white supremacist” for interacting with the People’s Party of Canada.

“Subliminal Threats”

Matlow lodged a complaint with the Ontario Bar Association. On the one hand, he “did not offer the prospect of resigning from my post at any time”, he said in his letter to the organization. But the “subliminal threats” in his eyes bother him even more.  “To put my refusal to resign in the context of media and professional destruction is unworthy for members of the legal profession.”

Lawyer Jade Harris “damages the reputation of your profession by politically harassing an elected local politician and activist.” 

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