Jagmeet Singh – the immigration hypocrite

Multimillionaire has no investments in Canada

Champagne socialist and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh hailed the admission of over 350,000 immigrants in a podcast from September 18. Sure, Canada can afford them, says Singh. “As a country of resources and medium-sized companies”, Trudeau’s’ post-nation is the global champion of “compassion,” as if the immigrants were actually penniless refugees fleeing war.

In Singh’s opinion, Canada can no longer do that much when it comes to himself and his pension. At least that was what you could hear from him a few days after his verbal praise of immigrants.  The usual lefty line is that immigrants are needed to keep the economy going and pay our future pensions.

When Singh gives an interview to the CBC, he makes it clear that he and his capital have long since bid farewell to Canada. He has “investments, but not in this economically exhausted country”.

And further: “To make it clear: I have zero point zero in Canada.” You can of course easily call for more immigration and present yourself as a humanist – but actually come out as a hypocrite.

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