After the teacher’s murder, the fight against Islamism must finally begin

Fighting Islamism Before It’s Too Late: The murder of history teacher Samuel Paty affects Canadians too.

An 18-year-old from Chechnya beheaded a teacher in a Paris suburb with a butcher’s knife. The teacher had discussed freedom of expression with students and showed caricatures of the Islamic prophet Mohammed in class. Islam dictates that certain people must be beheaded. What the Canadian establishment has been denying in politics, the media and NGOs for years: Islamism is not only a great danger in France, but also for Canada and threatens our way of life. The silence of the left in Canada on what is going on in France and the UK is deafening. This ducking away and belittling is extremely dangerous. While all of France is shaken, names the problem “Islamism” and massively mobilizes and protests against the murder of the teacher, we are calm, quiet cemetery with a mixture of ignorance of the Islamist threat and the fear of clarifying the truth publicly in order not to be put in the “right corner” and thus ostracized. Liberal Foreign Minister François-Philippe Champagne-Socialist once again fails to use the words “Islamism” and “terrorism” in this terrorist attack. He only mentions a “despicable act” in his only statement: a tweet. (Aside: That this “despicable act” is only worthy of a single tweet by the Foreign Minister is also telling.)  Nor did any of Canada’s complaint media mention those words.  

If we don’t even pronounce it, we cannot fight Islamism. The Islamist act of terrorism in France targeted freedom of expression in all non-Islamic countries. A freedom that has only existed on paper for a long time. It is true to say that in many places in Canada the curriculum cannot deal with certain topics because of threats from parents and students. The CBC was once a respected news source. Islamists have long since achieved their goals with terror. Since the Iranian terror mullahs’ fatwa against Salman Rushdie 31 years ago, every writer has thought twice about writing a novel that could possibly be perceived as critical of Islam and mean his death sentence. The Islamist terror against dissenters has set a precedent: just think of the reactions to the Danish Mohammed cartoons in 2005, including the terrorist attacks against the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard and his professional and private environment, and of the great terrorist attack against the editors of “Charlie Hebdo” and 

recently another attack against employees of the satire magazine. While in our country the solidarity of “all democrats” with the victim, a courageous, active defender of our values ​​such as freedom of expression and religion, is limited, the Islamists also cheer the murder as their victory. Canadian Islamists celebrate the assassin of Samuel Paty on Telegram. This is not surprising, because young Muslims in particular are drifting into extremism. The RCMP found slightly more than 12,000 men and women in the Salafist scene. The growth was rapid, in 2011 there were only 3800. Of these around 12,000 Islamists, 629 Islamists nationwide are classified as dangerous (as of July). The police refer to people as “threats” which they believe to be involved in a politically motivated crime of considerable importance – for example a terrorist attack such as the murder of teachers, journalists, police officers or mass murders with trucks.

Samuel Paty died because he had the courage to do something that should be taken for granted, but is no longer a matter of course in Canadian schools and the media: to discuss the pros and cons of criticism of religion – and not just about the Christian religion. One hears more and more often from teachers and especially from female teachers, who as women are often shown no respect at all by students and their parents, who avoid topics out of fear that could cause displeasure, aggression, harassment and threats in Muslim students and parents. It is time to be honest with these problems and to fight them resolutely. Addressing the problem without using the word “Islam” is impossible. Islamism and its supporters do not belong to Canada and must not only be stopped, but be pushed back. There can only be one winner in this fight.

Let us remember the teacher Samuel Paty and also – on behalf of many who consciously committed and sacrificed their lives in service for us in the fight against Islamism – the French gendarmerie officer Arnaud Beltrame. Beltrame was a staunch Christian, an outstanding officer, and will forever be remembered as a hero. He was brutally murdered by an Islamist terrorist after he had previously given himself up to the multiple murderer in exchange for a hostage. The heroes in the struggle for freedom admonish us to continue the struggle for our values ​​and not let up when it comes to defending the freedom of all of us.

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