Islam has to go

Islam in France? Rien ne va plus.

There is a film by the director Martin Scorsese that is little noticed by the general public with the title “Silence” (2016 USA, Mexico, Taiwan).

It is about the two young Jesuits Sebastião Rodrigues (Andrew Garfield) and Francisco Garupe (Adam Driver), who travel together from Portugal to Japan in 1638 to find Sebastião’s former mentor, the prominent Jesuit Cristóvão Ferreira (Liam Neeson). According to rumors, Ferreira is said to have succumbed to apostasy.

The priests learn that there inquisitors have put a bounty on Christians – and especially on priests – because on the one hand the Japanese regard the recognition of the church as the highest authority as an attack on the current Japanese order of power and, on the other hand and what is even more important, they see that the Christian faith and its different interpretations have turned Europe into a battlefield. After all, their own country with its religions Shintoism, Buddhism and Confucianism is doing very well, is committed to peace and has a high culture.

Sebastião is captured and taken to a prison in Nagasaki along with other converted Christians, where the latter are subjected to a special torture, in which people are hung upside down in a pit and a bleeding wound is inflicted on the neck.

There the obsessed monk meets his religious idol Ferreira, who now lives under a Japanese name in a Buddhist monastery and denies Christianity. Sebastião despises him for it.

Sebastião (apparently) also aposticizes at some point, is pardoned and spends the rest of his life in Japan with the task of checking the Dutch trade goods for Christian symbols that could represent hidden calls for converting to Christianity.

“Silence” is a very haunting film in several ways. In particular, the “gentle” and very clever Japanese torturers with culture, who are very knowledgeable about religious matters, leave a lasting impression.

Martin Scorsese is a deeply Catholic artist, but if he was going to spin a Christian martyrs story, he has utterly failed.

On the contrary, in the course of the plot the viewer begins to really hate these two idiot priests who try to kill a peaceful and cognitively much higher-ranking people with their religion from their home continent, which at that time was whole lakes of blood. If you look at it soberly, the Japanese did everything right back then by putting a stop to the “Christianity plague” right at the beginning.

Rather, however, “Silence” is about the phenomenon of religion itself and how people run into misery because of an idea and heedless of anything, and carry many others away with them.

The other day there was a remake of this story in reality but in a splatter movie version. In Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, a suburb of Paris, on October 16, an 18-year-old Muslim with Russian-Chechen roots beheaded the history teacher Samuel Paty in broad daylight, who had dared to show caricatures of Mohammed in his class to discuss freedom of expression and belief with his students.

On Twitter, the monster boasted of his deed and with the carved head in hand said it was revenge on those “who dared to humiliate Mohammed” before being shot by the police. The words are significant, because Islam has very little to do with God, i.e. Allah, but has a lot to do with its inventor.

Although the monstrous act is part of a never-ending series of brutal honor killings, rape, gang rape, acts of terrorism, ordinary murders, slaughter, beating orgies, and intimidation in Muslim fashion, which is now taking place several times a day, the lamentation is particularly great this time.

This is not understandable, because in France, England and Germany the beheading of the indigenous population, or at least their slaughter like cattle by Muslims, is common practice. The overwhelming number of murders and violent crimes in Europe is due to the Muslims living there. One hundred percent in their home countries.

Incomprehensible also are the current countermeasures, so among other things France now wants to deport a few hundred “threats”, although the teacher-killer was not noticed as such, or that now the millionth awareness campaign about tolerance for Muslims is to start.

All of this will be of no use. The bloodbaths will even increase to the point where the white (Christian, they are only Christian by name) locals finally surrender to the Middle Eastern, Arab, Afghan, Pakistani, Somali, Eritrean, black African Muslim power and their continent, but especially after their wives have been passed to their new owners. After that, the story will turn out to be quite boring, because here, too, it will look like all the other Islamic crap houses all over the world.

The problem is neither religious nor a matter of integration, but simply a mathematical one. As soon as Muslims have reached a critical mass in a country, everything has to work according to their rules, including their “hosts”. This is not even rooted in a strategy of conquest, but in their self-image, which to criticize with intellectual, philosophical or humanistic arguments only causes them to shake their heads incomprehensibly, but is usually answered with brute force. Exceptions prove the rule.

This ominous mathematics has meanwhile become a reason of state that vacillates between fatalism and debility to such an extent that our government leaves no stone unturned to inflate the Muslim masses in Canada even more and faster . The incessant bringing in of Muslims, almost exclusively young men, is also a religion of our political elite, whose origins, however, common sense can no longer trace back to its real meaning. The acceptance of Muslims in enlightened and modern societies has long since become a sacred delusion, an end in itself, the questioning of which can even bring you to prison.

The deeper the bloody shroud of Islam sinks over the West, the more energy is directed into the already badly worn and alarmingly clattering prayer wheels about integration, future good Muslim generations and growing together drivel.

However, none of this will be fruitful. The only realistic solution is for Islam to disappear from the West. Islam must go.

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