Trudeau and his Liberals are massively expanding family reunification

A few days ago, the Trudeau government decided on almost unlimited family reunification for non-Canadian citizens. In the future, almost every alleged family member will be able to come to his relatives in Canada.

In the near future Canada will be given to even more foreigners, as Marco Mendicino, the Liberal Immigration Minister announced. The way for this was cleared by the Trudeau government, which decided a few days ago to allow the almost unlimited family reunification of non-Canadian citizens to join their relatives living in Canada.

So far, this reunification was only allowed to close relatives, members of the so-called nuclear family. So parents, grandparents, siblings or children. However, according to a decision by Trudeau and Co., the “close relationship”, will now also include uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, cousins and other extended family members. Even “permanent partners” who are neither registered spouses nor partners, foster children, and many other groups of people fall in this category. Entry to care for a relative living in Canada is even also possible.

In other words: migrants who have entered Canada illegally, have presented forged papers or live here in the country with multiple identities are allowed to have a large number of family members join them. Welcome to the country that continues to lure with the richest social benefits worldwide!

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