“Even if I risk my career”

In Canada, resistance to the current corona policy is growing. Both the legal basis of the measures and their meaningfulness are being questioned more and more. Critical statements are now also coming from the middle level of the health system, which no longer take political opportunities into account. 

The head of the health department is tearing up Trudeau’s corona strategy. Dr. Rodney Stevens is putting his career on the line. Stevens is a specialist, epidemiologist and head of Infectious Diseases at the Ottawa Hospital. 

In an interview he says about the current strategy in combating corona:

“This strategy is not correct. The incidences 35 and 50 per 100,000 inhabitants are chosen arbitrarily, and the incidence value only consists of all those who tested positive. It is not known how many people have symptoms and are therefore ill. It would be wise to look at those who burden the health system.”

He also warns against exaggerations regarding the danger of Corona:

“We only count on the sum of those who tested positive, we don’t know anything about the sick. If the number of seriously ill were to increase significantly, we would have to do something. But at the moment we are only acting because we only have positive results. The decisive factor for us epidemiologists is: How pathogenic is a disease? … In general, the risk of getting seriously ill from Corona is relatively low, and also of dying from it. It’s not Ebola.”

He considers the current scare tactics to be irresponsible and counterproductive: 

“Here a primal fear is awakened, the primal fear of illness, infirmity and death. We have an invisible enemy. It would be the task of politics to take away fears, not stir up panic. The opposite is the case: we are in a panic mood. I work on the grassroots, we see citizens beg for fear of being quarantined. The constant overdramatization and alarmism give people a state of exhaustion. This is how you gamble away trust. Children also fall by the wayside.”

“The incidence limit of 50 / 100,000 inhabitants is not a medical indicator. This number was chosen freely. By this number we are strangling our freedom, our education system and smaller businesses.”

He is another healthcare expert who no longer wants to remain silent in view of the current Corona policy. In the Canadian media, too, there are increasing reports of legal and medical epidemiological findings that suggest a turnaround on the path taken to combat epidemics.

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