Political Islam is waging war against western civilization

History teacher Samuel Paty (47) is a hero of our time. A teacher who explained freedom of expression to his students and conveyed this knowledge vividly with current events – he showed caricatures of Jesus as well as of Mohammed. In 2020, however, this amounts to a death sentence in Western Europe.

Please forgive me for my sarcasm in the following introduction, but otherwise one can hardly bear the suicidal politics of the political-media elites. Such a case is inconceivable at Canadian schools and universities, because there the socialists are painted Red and play as resistance fighters.

Of course not as a resistance fighter against the totalitarian ideology of political Islam – it is much more convenient to stop on the subject of freedom of expression in the past century – 1933 instead of 2020. But let’s leave these politically correct cowards behind and turn to reality.

The West has turned into a theater of war; more explicitly, it has been transformed. A list of the culprits in this development would fill an entire book. The Islamic appeasement ranges from mainstream political parties, to far into the radical left milieu. There are also laws that are fundamentally directed against the interests of our own population, as secretly negotiated and operated by the UN.

It should be mentioned that the well-deserved hypocrites of the official churches, Protestant and Catholic, who have been marching alongside the rulers as they have for centuries, the main thing is that their gold boxes are refilled.

The court jesters of modern times, “wokists” such as Justin Trudeau, Meghan Markle, the entire CBC newsroom and, as all the comrades are called, the political dissenters who warn, slander, defame and attempt to socially and professionally ostracize anybody with a differing opinion.

For me they all have a political and moral complicity in the Paris beheading. Because everyone has to be aware of one thing, what happens today in Paris will happen tomorrow in Toronto. Due to its colonial past and the resulting open entry requirements, France is only a few years ahead of destabilization by Muslim gangs.

It was actually around 20 years of negative developments that Canadian politicians had time to learn the right lessons from the decline of their French friends. But the time was not used, on the contrary, the exact opposite has occurred.

The unconstitutional border openings since 2015, which are still ongoing, will prove to be a Pandora’s box for future generations. Childless leaders like Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel obviously don’t care what Europe will look like in 30 or 50 years. After a comfortable retirement, well guarded with lifelong police protection, your family name will be buried with you. No children to worry about, to whom I want to leave a better and safer country than before taking office.  To his credit, Trudeau is not smart enough, or is too weak, to not make the same mistakes.

“We are all cowards with blood on our hands”

The murder of Samuel Paty was an announcement. After the popular teacher and family man showed the Jesus and Mohammed cartoons by the Charlie Hebdo journalists in class to show his students the current threat to freedom of expression from religious fanatics, the teacher became the target of massive threats.

Muslim students and teachers spread hate speech and abuse against the teacher. These are not even particularly religious Islamists, but many of these Muslims come from the so-called middle of the Muslim community in the Paris suburbs.

The teacher’s personal data and details from his private life were specifically published, such as his address, his route to school and when he leaves the house.

This background comes from a public letter from a colleague at the school. The murdered man’s colleague continues to report how fellow teachers still supported the Muslim mob and, like them, called for the colleague to be fired. Samuel Paty knew the danger he was in. He turned to his fellow teachers and his superiors, told them about his fear and the calls for murder against him. But they shamefully let him down. In spite of everything, Samuel Paty did not let down his entrusted students and continued to attend his classes.

But the politically correct superiors and colleagues not only turned their backs on him, they also demanded that he remain silent in the face of the Islamic death threats against him so as not to cause a stir. Only one teacher colleague now breaks this wall of silence, in his letter he also accuses:

“We are all cowards and have the blood of his decapitated head on our hands.”

He also reports how exactly this Muslim mob did not regret their agitation after the barbaric beheading in broad daylight and in the open street, but actually enjoyed the murder. Passages from the letter in the original French can be read here and translated into English on the Internet with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Perpetrator came as a refugee – migration security risk

The 18-year-old Chechen Islamic terrorist Abdoullakh Abouyezidvitch immigrated to France as a refugee and has a residence permit and refugee status. He was not a student at the school, but was evidently incited to act by the Islamist agitation. The fugitive ambushed the teacher after school, chased him 400 meters and then attacked him with a 12-inch kitchen knife. In the end, the perpetrator cut off his head. Both body and head show numerous injuries. In the act, the perpetrator yelled “Allahu Akbar”. After the terrorist attack, he also posted a photo of the severed head and the text. “I executed one of your hellhounds who dared to belittle Mohammed.”

The “mother of all problems is migration”, announced CPC leader Erin O’Toole. But the sentence should have been more precise: “The mother of all problems is Muslim migration,” because with no other denomination, with no stream of refugees from non-Islamic countries of origin, there have been even rudimentary upheavals as serious as those caused by Islamic immigration.

As a result of uncontrolled Muslim mass immigration, a highly explosive mob is marauding on the streets of Europe and is heading to North America, the characteristics of which are always the same: He is young, male, Muslim, has an affinity for violence and has no job or prospects, and is a toxic mixture of Islamist socialization and excessive sense of honor that unloads into excesses of violence and terror. Despite these conditions, the federal government and the entire mainstream deny the bitter realities in Canada and our migrant districts and continue to be supported by a mixture of political correctness, multicultural ideology and leftist wishful thinking. The negative developments in the security risk from Islam affect almost all areas of society.

A further deterioration in the security situation and the dismantling of the free-democratic basic order are to be feared from these Ottawa elites in the near future.

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