The next wave of refugees is coming to Canada from Nigeria

Something is brewing in Nigeria. For weeks people have been demonstrating there against all sorts of things, but especially against a government that they blame for increased prices for apartments and food. And against curfews in connection with Corona. Meanwhile also against police violence, after police officers shot into the crowd with automatic weapons and killed at least 18 people.

What is that to us?

The events in failed states like Nigeria always follow the same pattern: first there is protest, then shooting. People die. The next stream of refugees is born, and then it usually doesn’t take long until the first asylum seekers in Canada are safely housed in hotels at the taxpayers’ expense. The pipeline through Roxham Road having been opened again, will guarantee entry to anybody not willing to risk a flight to Pearson.

In view of the dramatic images that are currently still being held back in the Canadain mass media, who wants to explain to dynamic young men from Nigeria that their lives are not at risk in their country?

The relevant propaganda operation will find ways and means to stage even the most dangerous migration potential as being in need of help. Even if it is obviously hopeless to try to solve Nigeria’s problems on Canadian soil.

As long as Canada sends out the wrong signals, this mechanism, which is constantly renewing itself, will not stop. Today’s protesters are tomorrow’s asylum seekers. In this case it is really a difficult clientele that will keep us busy in Canada for years

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