Violent misogynist is taken to the women’s prison – because he identifies as a woman!

Repeated sexual assault on women is not a hindrance.

From neglected child to attempted murderer

In 2012, a ten-year-old made headlines in Ireland: Alejandro Gentile attacked his mother so brutally that she had to be brought to safety from him. He later tried to find out her address in order to kill her. Two years earlier, the mother and her son had fled to a women’s shelter.

Background to the escape: The mother found herself in an increasingly extreme, sado-masochistic relationship with Alejandro’s father. The man prevented her from breastfeeding Alejandro and forbade her to comfort the crying child. As Alejandro grew up, his father included him in the physical and psychological torture of his mother.

It was “music to her ears to hearing her scream and cry”

After the attack on and separation from his mother, the violence did not stop. At the age of 15 Alejandro began to identify himself as a woman and to call himself “Barbie Kardashian”. At the age of 17, “Barbie” was sitting in the car behind a driving social worker. Without warning, Barbie clawed her eyes, “wrapped her legs around the head and chest of the victim, refused to let go and bit the social worker on the hand.” Barbie tore whole tufts of hair from the woman and tore her eyelids. The victim had to be taken to the hospital.

Barbie Kardashian told police that she regretted not killing the woman, calling it “music to her ears, hearing her scream and cry.” The 17-year-old trans woman was arrested and detained for five months. Throughout her youth she expressed a desire to rape and kill women.

Police try to prevent Barbie’s release

Further threats and acts of violence brought Barbie repeatedly to court. Again and again she had expressed suicide plans – in order to be spared from the judiciary, as it turned out. In 2019, she admitted several times in court that the suicide threats were never meant to be serious, but were part of her tactics.

Despite the lies and repeated sexual assaults against women, Barbie was released on bail. She was returned to custody at the end of September 2020. The police themselves announced that they would raise “strong objections” should Barbie Kardashian ask for bail again.

However, there is a catch: According to Irish news portal, she is in Limerick Women’s Prison. The reason for criticism: It is kept secret that Barbie Kardashian is a biological man who poses a danger to women .

For feminists, the case becomes a dilemma: On the one hand, it is about violence against women by a born man, on the other hand, Barbie, as a transperson, is particularly disadvantaged.

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