WHO admits: flu five times more deadly than corona!

Now it’s out: According to the WHO, Corona is less dangerous than the flu.

Now the WHO (“World Health Organization”) “cites” the meta-study by Stanford professor John Ioannidis. Conclusion: flu is five times more deadly than Corona!

But while alternative media expose reality, according to which Corona is nothing but a hot fart of crazy politicians and their highly paid “scientific” pomposity, lockdowns continue. 

Because today, we bring the final corona killer: “John Ioannidis! The man is Professor of Medicine, Epidemiology, Population Health, and … Biomedical Data Science and Statistics … at Stanford University School of Medicine, and Co-Director of the Meta-Research Innovation Center. According to the Einstein Foundation in Berlin, he is currently one of the ten most cited scientists in the world.

Now it is out, namely the knowledge that Corona is less dangerous than the flu and according to the WHO not “five times more deadly” as “Doctor” Theresa Tam and Justin Trudeau claimed as they attributed a mortality rate (infection mortality) of 1 percent to Corona (for severe flu waves, it is assumed that about 0.2 percent).

Killer virus is shrinking into a killed virus

The total health policy mobilization since March 2020 had for the federal and provincial governments and their media loudspeakers originally not the purpose of mitigating the consequences of ordinary flu waves, rather the measures suspending freedom and basic rights were supposed to “wage war against a killer virus” as explained by Tam and Trudeau.

The Globe and Nation has written about the study by John Ioannidis in the “Bulletin of the World Health Organization” titled “Infection fatality rate of COVID-19 inferred from seroprevalence data.”  In his meta study published by the WHO, Ioannidis evaluates more than 60 antibody studies around the world and comes to an “amazing” result:

  • Infection mortality across 51 locations: 0.23 percent
  • Less than 118 deaths per 1 million people: 0.09 percent
  • 118 to 500 deaths per 1 million people: 0.20 percent
  • Population groups under 70 years of age, 0.05 percent.

Already on March 17th, Ioannidis warned the nations that had carried out a lockdown and a state of emergency or were toying with them, of an evidence fiasco,  given that the database was far too thin for such serious interventions in a complex social structure.

The corona elephant that jumped off the cliff …

He transferred the infection and death events analyzed at the time on the cruise ship  Diamond Princess  (Infection Fatality Rate – IFR: 1 percent) to US society, taking into account, among other things, that life on cruise ships is much more cramped and there is a completely different prevailing age structure among the population, and so calculated an infection lethality of 0.125 percent. He compared the panic reaction of the industrialized nations with an elephant that accidentally jumps off a cliff and dies while trying to avoid a house cat.

Firstly, Ioannidis emphasizes that the majority of regional antibody studies come from the hotspots, whose infection and death rates are well above the global average. Therefore if such studies were carried out equally at all locations worldwide, the mean global IFR could “even be significantly lower than the 0.23 percent observed in my analysis.”

Secondly, he emphasizes that the IFR of the under 70 year olds is 0.05 percent even in the hotspots and that the above-average mortality from infection among the over 70 year olds has the following possible causes:

“COVID-19 shows a very steep age gradient for the risk of death. In addition, many and in some cases most of the deaths occurred in European countries and the United States, with large numbers of cases and deaths in nursing homes.”

The large number of deaths in nursing homes and the overwhelmed hospitals can also explain the high number of deaths in certain places in Italy and New York as well as in neighboring countries. 

Bad decisions (e.g. sending COVID-19 patients to nursing homes), poor management (e.g. unnecessary mechanical ventilation) and hydroxychloroquine can also have contributed to poorer results.

Death under the truck? Corona!

Finally, we know from government-related researchers that everyone in Canada who dies 28 days after a positive PCR test is counted as a corona death even if they are run over by a truck. Other nations – word of this should have got around by now – are even more generous with their “corona deaths.”

But what is more important that 85 percent of all those who died with a positive PCR test were over 70 and suffered from 2.6 (USA) to 3 (Italy) previous illnesses, which in turn belong to the top 10 main causes of death, which means that Covid-19 was anything but the clear cause of death.

Conclusion: The realistic global Corona IFR is very likely “significantly” below 0.23 percent.

If you adjust the IFR (the official corona deaths) in reflection of bad decisions and bad management then at most a third of all “corona deaths” come into question as such with which the realistic global corona IFR on average is a maximum of 0.07 percent, that is, in the range of mild seasonal flu.

Eternal Corona prison of Canada

Of course, this WHO finding will not be the beginning of the end of the Corona prison in Canada. For months the government has been making policies against their own numbers and data, which give cause for nothing but the all-clear. But it could be more difficult to insult the critics of the disproportionate nature of the measures as “Covidiotes” without this falling back on those who criticize them.

Anyone who calls others idiots is one themselves!

Can someone wake up the Erin O’Toole and the CPC?

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