10 leftists who just shout wildly because they didn’t get their way

How do leftists react when they don’t get what they want? Do they acknowledge that this is a part of life? Do they soberly analyze their mistakes in order to do better next time?
No. They scream, rant and cry:

1 The classic: On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump was officially named President of the United States after his surprising election victory. This leftist is not very happy, to say the least.

2 This woman doesn’t want conservatives to exist, so yells at her camera that is way too close.

3 “I want fries!”

“We’re a taco shop!”

“This is racism!”

4 “Listen and shut up!” Sounds like Full Metal Jacket, but she’s just a pretty angry red-haired feminist who attributes pretty much all of the evil in the world to the patriarchy. Everyone has seen a meme with the “Big Red Feminist”. Here is where it comes from.

5 This young woman wanted Hillary Clinton to be president. When she learns that Hillary has lost, she screams into the sky.

6 These leftists are fighting a pro-family demonstration by barking.

7 This feminist has been through an extreme psychological situation: she saw an advertising sign against abortion.

8 When this woman learns that Ruth Ginsburg is dead  she has a mental breakdown, screams and shudders even though she is driving:

9 “You want equality between the sexes too, don’t you?”

“No, I want everything for women!”

10 Classics Triggly Puff became infamous when she loudly protested an event that spoke out against political correctness.

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