How politics and the media are hiding the truth about corona tests

The PCR Corona test does not differentiate whether you are sick, show symptoms, need hospitalization or are completely symptom-free and can jog in the forest in good health.

For ten months now, 37 million citizens of this country have been harassed by the coercive Corona measures. In order to preserve the appearance of a democratic constitutional state, a perfidious fear campaign has been carried out for months, which spreads panic and uses the number of “infected people” determined by PCR tests.

However, these test results are not fully communicated, and important findings are withheld from those affected and the population. The quarantine obligation, for example, should never have been imposed based on the complete test results.

Curfews, mask requirements, occupational bans, travel restrictions, quarantine, censorship and denunciation have been part of the repression in the newly installed Corona state for months. Any journalist critical of the government is interpreted as a conspiracy theorist. According to the law, neither parliament nor the democratic separation of powers may be permanently undermined or deliberately ignored. If parliament fails to fulfill their task now, then democracy will be permanently damaged.

It is the job of parliament to make essential decisions, and not the job of members of the government.

Corona dictatorship threatens to be installed permanently

The fact that the political elite, like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, refuses to accept this fundamental criticism and still continues to advance their anti-democratic work, is proven by the planned expansion of quarantine measures. This should also be decided by parliament. At the weekend it was leaked that the Federal Ministry of Health wanted to extend the quarantine measures beyond March 31, 2021 and also wants to expand them. 

0.05 percent “infected” doesn’t sound dramatic enough

As a justification for this totalitarian corona state, politics and the media mainly cite the so-called incidence value. If “50 out of 100,000” residents test positive for Corona, politicians simply declare the area a risk area and impose extensive coercive measures. The limit of the incidence value of 50 has been set quite arbitrarily by politicians; there is no scientific justification for this.

The fact that this value is now being lowered more and more often to 35 is no longer rationally understandable, but rather seems to be due to the ego of politics.

Very few citizens are likely to have realized what 50 out of 100,000 actually means. This value of the “corona positives” amounts to 0.05 percent – in a so-called risk area. Just imagine, in the headline spread with apocalyptic joy “Toronto has passed a critical mark with new corona infections: the incidence value exceeded the limit of 50 on Monday. Now further restrictions are imminent.”

The widespread panic of politics and the media would immediately expose itself and make for ridicule.

Now we are approaching the crucial point.

Do you accept an alcohol test in which the court does not subsequently differentiate whether it shows 0.08 or 0.2 for you? The coercive measures imposed on you would be identical.

The situation is similar with the PCR corona test, which does not differentiate whether you are sick, show symptoms, need hospitalization or are completely symptom-free and can jog in the park in good health. If the health department classifies you as “infected”, you will inevitably be the addressee of the most severe restrictions on fundamental rights (quarantine, travel, etc.). Most of the time, your family comes along too. Almost all laboratories then know exactly the level of your coronavirus load and report this to the health authorities. The perfidious thing is that the full test result is systematically and nationwide withheld from those affected. The authorities therefore know exactly whether your viral load is so low that you can neither be called “infected”, nor that you are at risk as a virus spreader. This cycle threshold (Ct) value is generated automatically with every PCR test and is available to all laboratories without any further testing. The Ct value is the main component of the test, because it shows how many rounds the PCR has to run before the highly sensitive test shows a positive corona result. It is now scientifically undisputed that a Ct value of 10–15 indicates a high viral load, but a Ct value of more than 30 is considered harmless. Many laboratories do not stop the analysis at 30, but carry it out up to a Ct value of 40. how many rounds the PCR has to run before the highly sensitive test shows a positive corona result. 

Even in the New York Times these connections are now openly admitted: An article in that publication caused a sensation last week, which reported that test data from Nevada, Massachusetts and New York suggest that in up to 90 percent of the PCR tests such high Ct values ​​show that the patients hardly had any viruses. The epidemiologist Michael Mina from Harvard University therefore advocates setting the Ct limit at 30.  

You can even find a corresponding article in the government-compliant National Post. There it says that at that rate 35% of cases reported in Ontario would be considered uninfected. The so-called Ct value can show whether someone is no longer contagious despite a positive corona test. This laboratory value indicates how many cycles a PCR test had to go through to show a positive result. The higher the value, the less virus there is. For samples with a lot of virus material, the test often stops after 15 Ct rounds. From around 30 rounds, however, there is usually no longer a virus that would be capable of reproducing. 

What is little known to the public – in many hospitals, doctors and nurses continue to work with a positive corona test if the Ct value is higher than 30. Doctors with a high Ct value and an additional antibody test are considered healthy and continued to practice accordingly.

It is not known how many tens or hundreds of thousands of Canadians were arbitrarily harassed with coercive measures. Due to the ban on accommodation during the autumn holiday season, hundreds of thousands of perfectly healthy people were forced to have themselves and their families tested. It is not known how many citizens were then classified as “infected”, despite a disproving Ct value. The federal government and the health authorities deny the citizens their full results in many cases. There are no medical or organizational reasons for this. One thing, however, is now becoming increasingly clear: the coercive measures for millions of people should never have been imposed after the complete test results.

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