A note on the politics of Corona

The big and only political corona profiteers in Canada are the Liberal, NDP and Greens and the man-child Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

I’ll say again: I don’t believe in “conspiracy theories” of any kind, not even in the case of Corona. The most important argument: the larger and more international a “conspiracy theory”, the greater the risk of it being discovered through leaks or successful investigations. And Corona is truly a big and international thing.

That’s why I never tire of recommending learning to live with this treacherous but not mass murderous virus, while protecting the most vulnerable people as much as possible. And not to unduly impair the social life of others, especially children, young, younger and healthy older people. The current infection process confirms this view.

Despite deep suspicion of “conspiracy theories”, however, I increasingly suspect that Corona and the hysterical virus fear, which is not only active in Canada, fit ideally into political and economic concepts aimed at totalitarian, anti-civic changes in the world. An important clue for this suspicion is the presidential election in the USA: If the current US President Donald Trump, so hated by many powerful circles, should fail on November 3rd because of a mentally shaky old man in need of rest and relaxation, who is clearly the political puppet of certain circles, then it is only because of Corona. And not because of Corona, because Trump made some mistakes in this regard, but also did a lot of things right.

And with regard to Canada, it must be stated that the big and only political beneficiary of Corona are the leftist parties, including the comeback of the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The losers, however, are many millions of Canadians who fear for their professional existence and loss of their quality of life. The digital corporations and retail giants benefit economically, while entire industries are threatened with extinction. But what is worse: the transformation of a very liberal society into a panic-ridden society of fear, distrust and denunciation.

Every criminal investigator who has to solve a crime will always have to ask himself one question: Who benefits from this crime, what motives may have driven the perpetrator? If Corona is actually a natural catastrophe, so to speak, then only the way it is dealt with can be criticized. However, if Corona is a crime against humanity, for whatever motives and from whence it was assumed, then it must be determined who will achieve significant political and economic advantages from it. And whoever has this is at least suspect until innocence is proven.

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