Islamism: What about Canadian schools?

Many are complicit in the gruesome murder of Samuel Paty, as a French newspaper rightly writes.

Also Canadian media and leftists who were  condescending to the Mohammed caricatures in Denmark in 2005 and those of Charlie Hebdo in Germany, dismissing them as brutal and tasteless and hiding their cowardice and ignorance about the differences in Islam and about the History of the European Enlightenment.

Not a single Canadian media outlet will depict the Mohammed cartoons, which must be shown so that the myth does not arise about them that they are inhuman or taboo. They are not! Many of the Jesus caricatures throughout Canada’s mainstream media are much more drastic.

Such cowardice in the defense of freedom of the press and the arts have in recent years left the field to the propagandists, reactionaries and the Islamist scene. You have left those who oppose it as teachers, social workers, parents or as lonely liberal Muslims alone and weakened them, even betrayed them! That has to change now at the latest.

Double standards have long been in place among the left

Even the cultural scene, which feels so systemically relevant, has apparently been silent until now. There is intimidation of teachers in Canada too, although their cowardice is more often the culprit.

What is it like in schools in Canada, what can be shown and discussed? Are the feuilletons that keep talking about diversity being our strength interested in the highly subsidized political foundations? Double standards have long been in place among the Left, in integration studies and the media, with regard to criticism of the  churches and criticism of Islam. 

Due to a lack of interest in religious knowledge and with a complete lack of historical knowledge and perspective, all religions are simply equated from one school of secularists, from the other, hyper-tolerance towards Islam. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau so far has had nothing more to say about the necessity of a Canadian, democratic, non-violent Islam than: “Islamic values are Canadian values.” In doing so, he has suppressed any debate at the highest level as to which Islam, which religious instruction, which imams which political education, which democracy education in Islam belongs to Canada. He should wake up now at the latest.

Not even in the media is one free from fear

The integration debate does not have to be  replaced by the racism debate. Instead, teachers and social workers must be able to talk and report about their everyday worries without fear. Fear-free towards your colleagues, your superiors and authorities. Even in the media one is not free from fear when it comes to these issues. Who wants to endure shit storms and death threats from the Islamists? Who doesn’t want to maintain their good image as a school and home and have less stress? Who wants to be threatened with videos by Islamic parents who act like mafia blackmailers and guardians of the true Islamic religion?

A reactionary Islamism has been allowed to determine the teaching materials and the Islamic teacher training. But the Protestant religious education, where women’s rights, gay rights, minority rights, self-criticism of Christian history and dogmas are practiced, was rejected in the media and by the left and defamed by extremely secular people when a sniff of Islamic objection arose.

Far too many double standards apply in the left-wing and left-liberal culture and media scene, which believes that the headscarf for teachers can calm reactionary Muslims and their clubs and keep them quiet.

The Burdens of Democracy Education

But what kind of democracy and freedom of opinion, freedom of art and religion is that where Islam is equated with the liberal pseudo-tolerant? Where girls and women are forced under the headscarf and the moral police through family and group pressure, i.e. apparently voluntarily or as a fashionable lifestyle, but not boys and men?

What model is Ottawa giving for modern religious tolerance and stabbing republican France in the back when it  abolishes or weakens the law of neutrality? We should think through all these questions again clearly and on the level where Samuel Paty worked, on the everyday problems in school and neighborhood, also publicly.

We need better integration courses, better trained and better protected teachers, criticism of Islam and the fight against Islamism as well as against all reactionary ideology and agitation of all kinds, more civil courage with and respect for the silent heroines of democracy, if we don’t want to forget the beheading of a committed democracy educator like Samuel Paty, if we want to be Canadians.

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